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Jolene: I can see the head of Hathor, but my mind is getting in the way at the moment so I just want to relax a bit.

Jason: Sure, no problem.
Because I am excited! I’m in Ancient Egypt (deep breath) and it is spectacular! So I’m in a chamber holding a flame. The chamber has decorations on the walls, which are the most exquisite artworks of knowledge. These hieroglyphs are all based on higher knowledge, very sacred knowledge. I hold the flame to read these… I think I’m a man… I’m wearing golden wrap pants and I have dark skin. I am highly decorated and I am a teacher.

Right! You’re passing on this sacred knowledge, are you?
Yes. I can’t see who else is there at present but, with this flame, I’m highlighting the particular points I want to discuss right now. (Feeling into this deeper) I am quite masculine and well esteemed. I get a sense I have really young energies around me that I am teaching. Knowledge is encouraged, there’s no secrecy here, even though I am in a chamber and it’s dark.

These chambers are created in order to shut out the elemental world and bring you close to God. Not God as a Being per se but bringing you into the subtleness of your energy. When you are sitting in the darkness and you are sitting in this, the chambers create like a vacuum, a void of space and there is no disturbance. It is only what is. It’s amazing how we have been able to construct these chambers in order to provide the maximum teaching space with the acoustic the chamber creates. It’s like the atmosphere is precise! It is very important that we teach from as soon as the children are able to comprehend.

I am teaching children and really enjoy it! They are so free in expression; and they teach me! They teach me humility and they teach me how to see in a way that makes me feel privileged, which is interesting… It’s that child like essence, and I have actually carried that spirit through with me in this lifetime very strongly.

But as a very masculine man, teaching the children enables me to express other aspects of myself. We live in a society that’s liberated and has very healthy societal foundations, but in this chamber, with these children, I feel released. They are so full of love and love me. Love is the core ingredient that manifests this knowledge that I have before me. And it allows me to be really powerful… I feel myself in my heart space (takes a deep breath) and I feel such strength, especially in this masculine body, like wow! It’s very magnetizing! (Laughter)

I had great authority because I expressed grounding in love as the foundation for the knowledge. When I spoke, it was like thunder, in that my words vibrated in the frequency of truth, spoken from the heart; and people listened. It gave me the ability to have immense vision. Just drawing from this heart space, feeling into my strength and standing solid in my authority. You can’t go wrong when love is guiding you, it makes your foundation solid.

I was one of the blessed ones that could exist in that space. So many new souls felt a charisma about me, that what I spoke was the truth, but they didn’t quite have the full awareness of the heart yet. This was understandable and so I stand in this energy and resonate it.

I conduct myself in this energy, which gives them a pathway so that in their future journeys, they can have this experience to remember and refer to. Reincarnation was a known fact in our existence. Therefore, from having the knowledge that we incarnate from this lifetime to the next, I had the ability to shine my energy out so that it could integrate into the electromagnetic spheres of others so that they would be able to carry that with them into their other lifetimes.

This would help guide them along their way. I had the ability to do that. There are a lot of people amongst us that are actually still carrying this, and are here at this time to facilitating bringing forth this new way, for us to exist in that heart space and foundation of love. That is my gift.




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