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Ancient Egypt Past Life Regression - Session 3

Jolene: I can see a man and he is wearing a robe, like a wrap over one shoulder. You can clearly see one of his arms and he is quite well built. His head-dress is made of cloth that’s folded in an angular shape and his hair is cut in a similar angular fashion. He has a sash around his waist and is wearing sandals. We’re in Egypt.

Jason: What colour are his clothes?
They are white and gold.

Is he wearing any jewelry at all?
Yes, he is wearing a golden armband around his biceps.

Does that signify anything?
His whole dress seems to signify a position within the community.

Like some kind of rank?
Yes, an official title. I seem to be of a similar title, if not the same... because I am also dressed like him. I am a man, myself too.

Okay. What are you discussing?
The state of affairs, part of the normal process of staying in communication with what's going on at the time. We are teachers of the sacred knowledge,  sacred geometry. That’s our role.

Who do you teach?
It is for our leaders and all of the community.

That’s quite a large responsibility, isn’t it?
Yes it is, but it is also a great honour. There are several of us that are given this task. We have been chosen specifically because of our innate talents in that area, which became evident as we grew up learning this knowledge as children. It’s already apparent which children will be the ones that take over the role once we no longer can be of service.

Then you pass on that knowledge?
We pass it on, yes. Certain individuals have access to different levels of knowledge according to their comprehension and consciousness of understanding.

Do you have access to all those levels?
Yes. I must, otherwise I would not be able to teach. Astronomy, for example, has a significant purpose because we are in contact with our galactic friends. It’s important for stargazing.

Do they come to visit often?
When they can. This isn't revealed to all though. They arrive through portals in some kind of vehicle and are from the Pleiades.

Where do they land this vehicle so they’re not seen by everyone?
There’s a specified clearway in conjunction with the pyramids. This has mathematical significance. The reason the stargazing is so important is because it gives us the measurements of where this particular portal opens.

Are these still in use today?
No. There were crystals and metals marking the area that allowed for a certain vibration, but they are long since gone. These were instrumental in creating an energetic space to facilitate the opening and the safe transition; transporting the Pleiadians. It had the ability to harmonize the atmosphere for them, otherwise it could have been quite detrimental to their health. Now, because those certain crystals and metals have been taken away; there is not the ability for the Pleiadians to come safely in that area. Unfortunately the consciousness has changed within humanity.

Yes, in that area, but have they set up somewhere else maybe?
Yes, definitely. They still have the ability to visit certain areas around the earth and certain people.

Is there any information that would be interesting to us?
They did share technologies of how to magnify energy. They were the ones that helped us to redefine and maximize the use of batteries. So when we consider energy, or present-day generation of energy, these are restricted to 3-dimensional reality. Whereas, back then, we had the ability and realization that energy could be harnessed in many dimensions and facets; therefore accessing a lot more energy source. With the knowledge of harnessing energies within the other dimensions; and this is why geometry was so important because it allowed us to calculate how to encapsulate and store that energy.

Was this knowledge passed down or written in any books?
There were records. Those records are still around.

It would be advantageous to have this sort of knowledge, wouldn't it?
It takes a keen eye to know where to find the knowledge but it is still in existence.

Whereabouts is it, in the pyramids?
It is on the walls.

There’s a lot that has been deciphered.

Yes, based on their limited comprehension. They have been noticed by people who see a deeper potential.

With the right comprehension of these symbols, could someone work it out?
That is absolutely correct.

So the biggest task would be to get the right people in the right place, looking at the right symbols… do you think that is that a possibility in these times?
They’re actually working on it now. These are people who existed in the times when I existed. So it is not just me who is allowed to remember in this lifetime but there are others.

Will it take them long to work it out?
No. You wouldn’t think so, but there’s a lot to it. It also takes synchronicity for these things to come through. But it is definitively leading into those times where things are being revealed, where the truth of humanity is allowed to be safely revealed again.

Who will determine that?
Humanity but not only that, it is the earth's vibration as well.

Until the earth reaches that vibration, the synchronicities won't be allowed to happen, is that right?
Yes... it is very complicated. There are many factors for why the Earth is not able to be vibrating at its full potential at this time. There has been interference.

Is there anything we can do to reduce this interference?
Reducing the amount of fear and increasing the amount of love absolutely lifts the vibration. It is that simple.

Is that what you taught, the basic concept of living life in love and harmony with the Earth?
Definitely, and it was about living a heart-centred consciousness. So not only were we quite aware of our expansive vision allowing us to come into greater consciousness, but the link needed to be heart-centred, otherwise that vision becomes distorted.

How would you have taught someone to access that link?
It was important that the third eye, the expansive vision of consciousness, was anchored in with the vibration of the heart. The body is an instrument of feeling so the question is; does this move me towards love or fear? If the direction took you into fear, then you know that is the wrong direction. If it moves you toward love, then that is the expansive direction.

We cannot come into harnessing such great consciousness when we are in contraction and when we limit ourselves. It is about utilizing all of our abilities. If we anchor into the third eye without anchoring into the heart chakra simultaneously, then we have already automatically limited our abilities. When we allow ourselves to anchor in through the heart-space in our ability to have greater vision around our consciousness, when we come into the feeling aspect of it, honouring ourselves automatically safeguards the fact that we will honour others. And when we are anchored into that honouring, that self-honouring, then we are coming into our greater vision, our greater consciousness; it allows and moves us toward unlimited potential of expansion in vision.

Is this greater vision what your Pleiadian friends used to navigate their way through the universe?
Absolutely! Yes, because the greater vision includes telepathy, which is a means of being able to transport and find your way.

Did you ever have the opportunity to travel back with them to their planet?

That would have been nice experience.
It was!

Can we go and have a look?
Yes. This particular place I visited would be considered a paradise. The mountains are more angular, quite stark, pointed. The surroundings are lush with vegetation.

Do they have buildings like we do?
Yes, definitely. The housing is elaborate, taller... They definitely enjoyed their vast ceiling spaces! (laughs) Everything is very high up. It’s funny, their structures are built in a way, like resembling the way they look, being quite tall. Even their mountains look that way; tall and narrow... Isn't that funny!

Are these beings much taller than you?
Yes, they are a good foot taller than me and quite slender. Their skin is quite fair. It is very harmonious here, even the relationship that we have is quite harmonious.

What is their purpose on Earth and being in touch with you?
We like to share knowledge and enjoy our relationship. They’re fascinated with our ability to harness our spirituality through our physical existence.

Is that something they are still learning to do themselves?
In a way…

With the technology they have and traveling the way they do, wouldn’t they be considered advanced?
Yes, well, it is like Westerners calling themselves advanced over the native people who have great knowledge and wisdom of the land. It’s that comparison isn't it. (Note: His perspective is that he exists in a technologically advanced era of Egypt so he does not view the Pleiadians as more advanced regarding Earth and the physical existence.)

So they’re looking to learn from our spiritual understanding and implementation.
Absolutely, there’s still a lot to share.

It sounds like a very privileged position, to be in touch with intergalactic visitors.

Did you travel on their ships to go there, or did you use the portals from the pyramids?
It was the portals that allowed us to transport but there is a vehicle within the portal.

Even though the pyramids today aren’t being used as they once were, is the portal still there?
Yes, that is still there but it’s not visible through this three dimensional reality.
I can see it through the greater vision that I’m able to harness.

Could you freely access this portal as you wished, or did you need permission?
There were naturally some guidelines and universal laws to adhere to, but yes, we could. It’s also interesting in another context. There have been stories through the ages of descending down from the sky. I would not be surprised if they were created based on the visitations we had with other beings through these portals.

So when someone travels through the portals, even though we can't see the portal in the 3rd-dimension, you would see people coming through in the 3rd-dimension?
Yes. All this information highlights an important essence of recalling the past lives, these particular ones. It’s to remember how magnificent you are. Knowing this allows things to be unlocked within.

If we remember what we were capable of, we’ll look for ways to achieve that again.
Exactly! First of all, through that energy, you automatically start drawing in all the information that is going to be relevant to you and manifest that in your physical reality. All of this information will start coming towards you as you step towards greater consciousness and greater understanding. If we gave you all of the information now, you would not know how to use it. It would baffle you, it would frustrate you and it would also lock into that belief system of thinking you can’t do it. So these are things that are to be slowly remembered in order for the greater potential of it being manifested into your physical reality. The seeding, our belief programming that has been placed here, is really strong at the moment still.

Yes and that is why I thought if we were to see physical evidence with our own eyes, even experience travelling through these portals again, it could speed up the process.
Yes, seeing is believing but to see, in order to believe, takes you away from your feeling… How do I explain this? Seeing with your eyes in the third dimensional reality is distracting you from tapping into your greater vision. The way we come into our greater vision and our greater aspects of manifesting into the physical is by going within and tapping into the subtle energies and inner vision. I understand it is hard to comprehend but you are learning this skill and it will become easier and easier for you as you continue. This is the practice; of coming into your greater vision, the inner vision, which allows you to tap into the other dimensions that bring forth all those qualities you want to be able to manifest into your physical realm.

This is where it gets interesting because I understand we are existing on many different levels, many different dimensions. We are in the third dimension physically and experiencing that in our waking state most predominantly, even though we still have access to these other levels of consciousness. It’s very interesting that you point out that accessing the higher levels of consciousness will bring forth the manifestations that we are looking for in the third.
Having the inner vision along with three dimensional vision helps in understanding how all of those innate abilities work. We cannot see the inner workings without the inner vision.

Is this what you taught people?

I’d like to look further into those teachings at a later stage.

I would be really happy to do that.



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