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Ancient Greece Past Life Regression

Jolene: I have a sense that I am in Greece, or somewhere in the Mediterranean because of the architecture.

Jason: Nice! Let’s have a look down at what you’re wearing. Are you wearing any shoes?
Yes, I’m wearing sandals that are quite decorative.

What else?
I’m wearing a flowing skirt, which is beautiful! I’m also wearing a bit of jewelry, such as earrings, bangles, bracelets, rings and an armband high up on my right arm.

Are you carrying anything?
I’m carrying a washing basket.

So are you off to do the washing or have you done it already?
I’ve done the washing.

(Laughter) It is good!

Where are you taking it now then?
I’m walking through the street and taking it home.

Are there other people around?
Yes, it’s very busy. It’s like a market place and there’s lots of chit-chat with people buying things…

Do you recognize anyone as you’re walking through? Any friends of yours?
No, but I get a sense that this is part of my community and that I’m just walking through, in and out, uninterrupted even though I am dressed decoratively.

So the others aren’t dressed the same?

Do they have jewelry?
Some do but not the majority of them, actually. I get a sense that I am quite sensual. Ooh! Sorry…

That’s alright.
The washing is actually a task that I enjoy. I like to go down to the river and talk to the other women. We share secrets; we share women’s knowledge. We’re free to do that there. I look forward to mingling with the other women.

So you have access to some secret knowledge then, do you? And you share that with them?
Yes and it feels good. I get a sense that I’m part of a household, which is quite esteemed and well off. I’m of service there, for sure.

Is this knowledge passed down from generation to generation? How is it done? Does someone have to be initiated into this knowledge?
There is an initiation but there is also like a knowing that it’s a gift that you have been born with… There is also a right of passage that you are taken through in order to be of service.

Okay and you have passed through that already?
Yes, very well.

Are you allowed to pass on that knowledge whilst you are doing the washing?
Not really. No… The other women need to know so that they can be happy. I’m being quite rebellious in the fact that I share this secret knowledge with the other women. I have to be careful whom I share it with too. We go down there and there’s a lot of whispering and a lot of giggling. (Smiles)

Is it like a school where the knowledge is taught?
Yes, it’s like the washing club. (Laughs) It’s interesting that I get to do the washing because it’s not something that I should be doing. It’s not a task for a woman of my role, but I’ve been able to negotiate so that I may do it. Connecting with the water through that task is like a spiritual act. It’s important for me so I have been allowed to do it. It is a privilege bestowed upon me from the head of the household, as I am favoured.

If you want, we can also see if there is any knowledge there that you would like to bring back…
Okay. (Pause) There is a certain part of the river where we gather. It’s like a sisterhood, where only those women who have a certain level of trust are told to come. It’s very secretive. On arrival there’s like a verbal contract that has to be made before any of us speak of anything. Newcomers have already been investigated without their knowing.
There have already been questions, tasks and processes that she had to pass before she was invited to come in and “do the washing.” (Giggles) It’s awesome! No men go there, it’s the perfect setting. And you know, everyone has their own clicky group so it’s as if no one disturbs us. It’s perfect.
I teach them about their body. I teach them about the sexual function of their body. I teach them how to enjoy the sexual functioning of their body. In that society, the women aren’t taught that as common knowledge. The men govern the house and it is our duty and so I teach these women and empower them at home so that they don’t get abused.

That’s good. But something is wrong?
(Becoming upset) I see a lot of women hurt and I feel it so important for me to teach them. The elite are the ones that get to know this but these people that work so hard for us, they should be able to enjoy their lives also. If they are happy in their lives, they are more productive. Then why is it so wrong, I don’t understand! Yet, I know I have to keep it secret!
I teach them how to love their bodies. I use the mirroring of the water in order to help them learn about our sexual anatomy so they can see that part of themselves and feel a deeper connection and love for themselves.
Therefore, they take that vibrancy home to their husband and it changes the dynamic of their relationship. The husbands are seeing a radiance about them and it automatically softens their hearts. It’s very interesting how this works. The women are really grateful for this knowledge and often bring their daughters, usually before they get married. I often get a few maidens coming through.
My role is to teach the new maidens that come into the household as well. I am well known for my knowledge. I’m very good in my art and there’s a lot of ego that comes with that. There is a lot. I haven’t been proud of that.

Are you aware of what you may be able to do to adjust that, maybe?
It was a different era, so status meant everything! It was part of the game. It really was a game of survival so at that period, no, I wasn’t able to do anything different but I was trying to make a difference though. You just know something is not right but it was just the way of that era. Yes, I should let that go. I should let that go because it was out of my control.




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