The Art of Patience Past Life Regression

Jolene: I’m having some trouble coming into vision. It’s blurry…

Jason: Okay, let’s slowly bring that into focus.
(Pause) It’s like I’m looking closely at a statue, side on. Oh, I’m working on a big… a giant statue! I’m working on the right side and I can see its eye. I’m a craftsman making a statue which will pay homage to our leader.


Ancient Greece Past Life Regression

Is this knowledge passed down from generation to generation? How is it done? Does someone have to be initiated into this knowledge?

There is an initiation but there is also like a knowing that it’s a gift that you have been born with… There is also a right of passage that you are taken through in order to be of service. more

Tribal Priestess Past Life Regression


Now I am seeing myself and my feet are in the water, I’m standing at the edge of a beautiful lake and I am a woman again. I have the full moon before me and I am giving ritual and am worshiping her (the moon). 

I have a role of importance. I’m wearing a cloak and I am a Priestess. It is night-time and we are performing a really important ritual. We are going into the harvest season. more

Benefits of Past Life Regression


Now that the truth is coming out in this collective wave of higher consciousness, that reincarnation is a fact of life, just as it was in ancient times, this amazing tool of PLR helps people remember a different way of being.

You are literally looking into your timeline and drawing information out, and your subconscious is so beautiful that it brings forth exactly what you need. more


Granada Channeling Session Part 2

You are all socializing and feeling you are connected through your language and technologies, but you are so alone and separated.  Your body feels the pain and suffering of the disconnection. You feel that there is something deeply missing.Not all are consciously aware yet, but progress is definitely being made. This brings us joy! If you could see the way that we see you, as physical beings; this place is truly amazing! more

Meeting Granada from the Pleiades.

Initially, we thought we were communicating with Jolene’s subconscious as we had experienced in previous sessions. It became clear afterwards that this consciousness was actually the Pleiadian Being called Granada!

Jason: Is there any information you could give her to move forward, to move through this fear that she has surrounding her with the scarcity of love? 


Ancient Egypt Past Life Regression - Session 2
Talking with the Subconscious

At the end of a past life regression we have the opportunity of calling upon the subconscious. This conversation follows a visit to Ancient Egypt, documented in
session one.

Jason: These lives, they had a common theme, didn’t they?


Ancient Egypt Past Life Regression

I am excited! I’m in Ancient Egypt (deep breath) and it is spectacular! So I’m in a chamber holding a flame. The chamber has decorations on the walls, which are the most exquisite artworks of knowledge. These hieroglyphs are all based on higher knowledge, very sacred knowledge. I hold the flame to read these… I think I’m a man… I’m wearing golden wrap pants and I have dark skin. I am highly decorated and I am a teacher. more