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Jolene is a Spiritual Explorer. She loves to search for, and experiment with the Nature of Spirit and how it applies to the Journey of Life and our ever-expanding Consciousness; how to bridge the Realm of Spirit  (The Creator) with the Realm of Matter (The Earth), igniting her inner passion of learning, observation and discovery, to come to and be in her Knowing of the TRUTH in all things. This has brought about profound healing throughout her Journey.

Her exploration has taken her through different Philosophies, Esoteric Sciences and Practices, such as…

Sociology – Studying the positive and negative aspects of Social Engineering, the Collective Conscious/Unconscious and, the Nature of Humanity and our Right to Connection;

Psychology – Studying the Nature of our Minds, the Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious, the Shadow aspect and how belief systems affect our Psyche;

Tantra – the true Nature of our Sexuality and creative “life force” energy, working with the power of breath and Kundalini and, the art of Meditation;

Energy Healing – such as Sekhem (Ancient Egyptian), Reiki and Cynamics, which utilize the Energies of Light, Love and Frequency/Vibration, focused through the hands and directed in cleansing, recharging and aiding in the healing of our Light Bodies and Electromagnetic Fields;

Soulcraft – the Practice of living the Principles of Natural Law, Ritual, and Manifestation through direct connection with The Creator and The Earth, the essence of being in your magic through harnessing your Soul Self;

Channeling – as a tool of Spiritual communication, accessing messages from The Creator and Benevolent Multi-Dimensional Beings, discovering the Reality of our true Multi-Dimensional Nature, enhancing Telepathy, and forever fine-tuning her Psychic abilities.




Jason is qualified in various hypnosis techniques but favors Dolores Cannon’s method because of the access to Source that it provides. He has completed nearly two hundred sessions since learning the technique from Dolores herself in 2011. Thirty-four of those are contained within this book. His extensive study of the spiritual aspects of life, beginning in 1999, has proven immensely beneficial in understanding the intricacies of delving into past lives, future lives, and other dimensions.


Jolene and Jason reside in the Illawarra, on the south coast of New South Wales, Australia.



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