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Benefits of Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression has been a legitimate faculty that has enabled me to pull aspects of myself through the timelines and bring those qualities forward into this lifetime. This is how I feel about PLR, having experienced receiving this therapy over time. It has enabled me to draw on those positive attributes (and understand negative attributes); the ones I have needed and called out for. I have been able to draw that through into this lifetime and embody it now.

With the current mass conscious awakening well underway and hidden knowledge coming to the fore; more and more people are remembering and coming to the realization that reincarnation is a fact of our expanding cycle of life. Of birth, death and rebirth. This is becoming more apparent every day. Now that the truth is coming out in this collective wave of higher consciousness, and that reincarnation is a fact of life, just as it was in ancient times, this amazing tool of PLR helps people remember a different way of being.

We have all experienced varying degrees of brain washing and systematic infiltration of belief systems designed to suppress the Human spirit and conscious elevation into the New Earth. We have been programmed and utterly lied to, and the tangible thing that has been able to give me a distinct knowing of the fundamental principles of what life is really meant to be like; has been my experiences through past life recall.

When I think about the blessings of having reincarnation as a rightful reality to me, it’s such a comfort because I have something else that I know I have lived through and I know I can reflect upon. For the people who have incarnated at this time, with the psychological and spiritual warfare we are currently experiencing; when I imagine having only this lifetime with minimal comprehension of what life is (with no access to the celestial), it’s a daunting reality with limiting potential, which causes so much trauma to our psyche! This kind of attack loses its power over us when we have an expanded understanding of what life is really about.

Reincarnation is a core aspect of our being in that; when you take this knowledge away from us, which the demiurge has at present, and you are still under the illusion that there is only this lifetime, then that’s a horrible illusion to be trapped in. The fact is that because of PLR, I can hold reincarnation as a reality in my life and I never had that fully suppressed in me, even with a religious upbringing and being preached to that it didn’t exist. I continued to secretly know this to be true, which I am so grateful for! God is so merciful, that we are offered as many lifetimes as we need to return back to his Divine presence.

This will hopefully give people a different perspective of what they could potentially get out of their own sessions. You are literally looking into your timeline and drawing information out, and your subconscious is so beautiful that it brings forth exactly what you need. PLR is a helpful tool to give people a broader view of what life is really about I have been fortunate to have experienced a lot of PLR and recall past lives of my own. I’ve been able to ask and receive and I have experienced tremendous healing through that.

Blessed be,




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