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Good/Dark and Bad/Light


We are all familiar with good/light and bad/dark. It is a common belief that good = light and bad = dark and is understood that these are opposing forces. This subconsciously lends us to believe in a dualistic world where you are either one or the other. What we are not familiar with is that there are all kinds of variants in between in the scales of light and scales of dark and also in the variants of good and variants of bad. Sacred geometric patterns that emulate these degrees in which good, bad, light and dark vary, are for example the yin yang and pentagon symbols.


Bad/Light – There are beings and entities that illuminate the light, yet have an imbalance towards the dark. A classic example of this is that they do not honour the sovereignty and free will of others. They may seem to be friendly and nice and will even reassure you that they have good intentions, but their energy and actions are manipulative, controlling and dominating.

There are those that pose as good, believing that their way is the right way. They will insist that others follow the ‘rules’, defining those who obey as ‘good’ and those that do not obey as ‘bad’, even though the ‘rules’ cause harm, division and suppression; facilitating the undermining of universal laws and denying universal justice, individual liberty and the free will of others.

Another trait of bad/light is spiritual bypassing. They may talk ‘love and light’ but have no capacity to show genuine empathy, compassion and support in the vulnerabilities and suffering in others, yet are enthusiastically telling others what they need to do and how they should be living their lives.

Good/Dark – The dark is a misunderstood Realm. It is where the richest of soils lay in the underneath of the human soul. It is where we find the diamonds and crystals, and the seeds, ready to sprout and shine, if only we are brave enough to face our inner darkness. It is where the stars, planets and the flame shine brightest. The subconscious dwells there too, waiting for us to hold the light to and turn our ‘demons’ to a place where growth and wisdom are nurtured.

The dark turns bad when we refuse to face our darkest potential. It turns inward and becomes the ‘shadow’, hidden away in the unconscious, resentful of the rejection of its power and strength. Abandoned, when we refuse to harness these attributes of ourselves; they take over and lash out in unhealthy behaviours, acting out in ways which are contrary to and betray our hearts. The dark is where we are most vulnerable too. It’s where we put aspects of what we may not like about ourselves or attributes deemed not so favourable to society.

Good/dark beings and energies are able to hold space for the darker attributes in others because they see these in themselves. They find a beauty and sacredness in others vulnerabilities. They can transmute the density of the dark and hold it up to the light. They are able to peer into and face the absolute darkest of humanity because they understand that bad must be recognized and held in check at all times, otherwise bad over-powers. They don’t judge, yet use their discernment to gauge what intentions lay behind the darker aspects of others, knowing that the dark can be used for good and bad purposes.

We all have the potential and ability to morph in and out of these aspects of good, bad, light and dark to varying degrees, which can be based on where we are along our journey in life. When we understand ourselves in the depth and expanded range of possibilities, it is empowering and sets us toward unlimited expansion along our path in truth and purpose.

Written by Jolene Tierney

Nov, 2021



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