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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Session
Meeting Granada from the Pleiades.

Jason: Is there any information you could give her to move forward, to move through this fear that she has surrounding her with the scarcity of love?
Granada: Well, already she’s feeling into her body. There’s a tightness in her heart space, like constricting and that doesn’t feel very good to her. It doesn’t feel very good at all. In the history of her lifetime, this lifetime and actually the few other very recent ones as well, she has experienced extreme scarcity around love and she has always felt in her body that way of life, that way of being, as being so incorrect. She remembers in her soul, in her cellular memory the truth of what love is and so when she has experienced these things in her lifetimes, they’ve hit her quite hard. She has felt the pain immensely!

J: Could it be so deep-seated because of those recent lives?
G: Absolutely. The nature of a soul contract is to take on a task, which includes various experiences, some of which are not ideal, but a compromise in order to achieve an end goal. Before reincarnating, when we are out of the body and we’re in our connection to Source, we can see the whole picture (though from a distance of separation). Even though she knew what was coming when she arrived here, the reality of it was that the impact was so great!

J: Well that’s alright, if these experiences helped herself to move out of that place of scarcity and into abundance. She’s choosing that for herself now.
G: Yes. She’s learning quite well to trust that it’s over now. It is now over!

J: She can move into that abundance.
G: It is a new pathway. She has called for this. So step on the path and enjoy it
Continue to reach out, continue to speak out as she has been doing, stepping forward in her bravery and just be real, in what she’s experiencing and what she needs; ask for the help to be supported. The more she practices that, the more the old belief of scarcity will fall away.

J: So communication is the key.
G: Absolutely and she has been doing very well!

J: She’s moving in the right direction with that then. Is there anything else you would like to say in relation to that?
G: Yes, call upon your Pleiadian friend. He’s there to support you in coming into the 12-strand DNA experience of love and relating.

J: And when she calls upon him, what should she have in mind specifically?
G: Specifically… to help strengthen her to give her more courage to continue to reach out, to give her information. This is a new way of being… Well, it feels like a new way, but it is the original way. The 12-strand DNA experience of love and relating is the original way. Relationships and sexuality have been so suppressed it’s affected the heart space and consciousness. These things have been forgotten. But now there’s the unique opportunity to remember the original way of being. It is going to continue to feel a bit scary for Jolene because (her way of being) is going to look confronting to people around her. They aren’t going to understand immediately, though it will seed in them an inquiry and an interest of how they can tap into it themselves. Everyone is experiencing the same pain, everyone is experiencing the scarcity of love in some form or another.

J: This information she’s bringing through will help greatly in this area, won’t it?
G: Absolutely, and that’s the point of where we are right now, to start bringing in the authentic original way of love and relating so that healing takes place and we can live in our authentic humanity as originally intended and designed.

J: How would this information be best presented then?
G: Through experience, setting the right example in the way that she expresses herself in her friendships and connections relating with others.

J: We have another question. I’ll read it out. “What can I do to help me to appreciate what I have now in my friendships rather than be anticipating the sadness of future loss?
G: The anticipation of future loss is that she feels like she is going to be rejected, abandoned, suffer heartbreak and loss but that is not how love operates. Love operates on expansion in the same way that she’s experienced giving birth to her first child and having all the love in her heart for that child, then giving birth to a second and then experiencing not any less a degree of love for the first but again having that same immense full-hearted, full-bodied love for the second; none diminished for either of them. She’s had the capacity to do that for five, all equally the same.

J: And so that’s the lesson in itself, isn’t it?
G: No one gets rejected, abandoned or lost. Love is plentiful; there is plentiful love in everyone’s hearts. When you operate from this realization, you are able to distinguish and to have people in your reality that operate on this level.

J: I’m glad we cleared that up. Is there anything else you would like to share about that?
G: One day you will learn that you really are lovable. You are learning and you are getting there and that’s okay that you are learning. Now you are surrounded by people who are helping you and reaffirming that to you. It’s going to be okay. It’s going to be better than okay. It’s going to be full of beautiful things!

J: Is there anything else the subconscious mind would like to pass on before we finish up today?
G: No, that is all.




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