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Telepathy is the action of communicating through other dimensional
pathways using a "spiritual organ" of the body, the third eye chakra.
From Malémene’s 12 year old perspective, her understanding of what
she's doing is explained. She talks about how she communicates with
Draggy and her mother, Embra, particularly that experience as a baby.
The visual image she shares is that of seeing deeper and more central than just looking into her mothers eyes.

For example, when we make eye contact in the form of 'eye gazing' we have a close connection with, and experience looking deeper into, another person. When Malémene connects with her mother telepathically it's like the focus narrows in and the periphery expands.

The basic teaching describes how we can practice this ability right now in our current reality. Firstly, by focusing in on the third eye, opening up the connection to communicate and visualize telepathically. Like with vision, it too allows us to send and receive data.

Do you have any telepathic experiences you'd like to share? We'd love

to hear!



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