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Jolene: It’s beautiful because the setting is of Malémene and Draggy (Auberone) hanging out in a meadow. In an air of restful playfulness, she's instinctively in her creativity making him a daisy chain.

Nature often provides the perfect backdrop for the practice of mindfulness. You can actually go into another dimension when you are in that space! It allows the mind to take the drivers seat and go into deep contemplation. That’s something that really is missing from our current, present day.

Jason: Are they connecting naturally just being together?

Jolene: They are connecting to the deep thought processes which allow us to see and sense our connectedness, our place in the greater scheme of life.

There's something about being in that space of quiet contemplation, grounded connectedness and creativity that enables you to go into a meditative state. You then connect into the deeper thought processes enabling you to see that you are connected to every living thing. Just as she could see her connection to Auberone and likewise could see Auberone’s connection to herself.

Jason: Which allowed her to follow a train of thought into deep philosophy.

Jolene: When you start going into deep thought, you are then able to access the higher knowledge. This follows the natural laws of expansion; going deeper and therefore reaching higher in that same moment.

This also includes the ability to explore deeper feelings. When we experience emotions, this is something coming from the surface layer. They are a reactive mechanism instantly switched on by the subconscious part of the brain.

You can connect that emotion with mindfulness and come into authentic feeling when you enter a stayed space of quiet contemplation, creativity and connection. This gives room for the subtler, quieter vibrations to come through.

That’s why there is an amplification of that frequency because you are meeting that. These subtle frequencies are part of our spiritual existence. Then we tune into our spiritual body. These frequencies vibrate through everything!

Jason: Engaging spiritual enquiry…

Jolene: Exactly!




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