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Jolene: The first thing she notices is how she is enjoying the flowers, how they feel, how they look and how they smell. Automatically, she’s being brought into the senses of the body, and, all at once, all of the senses are amplified and she is brought into a heightened awareness.

This immediately sends her into a deeper sense of self. So, her being able to experience this for herself from within, naturally progresses into an awareness that extends out.

Knowing that it exists within her, the question arises; does it exist in others? Does it exist in other things? In a child-like excitement, her train of thought flows from there into a genuine enquiry.

Jason: Like questioning, what is its relationship to me? And, have I been there at some stage?

Jolene: Exactly! And how do I relate to that experience? When I see her in that space, in her authentic state of being and presence, she experiences a full sense of herself and an expansion of awareness.

Coming to this realization made her aware of not only the connection but also of her relationship to everything around her, the reality that everything has that awareness.

This awareness becomes the door to your own consciousness. She understood that not only is she consciousness, but that consciousness must be in everything else too.

Have you had any experiences like this? It's such an exciting process!



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