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Jolene: It reminds my of an experience I had when I was coming out of that material, third dimensional reality; and starting to "wake up." I was coming into my own conscious awakening, yearning for more than what had been presented to me from the base state of existence.

There was a long period in my life where I had rebelled against the religious upbringing that I’d been raised in from early childhood. Not only was it my mission to reject those religious beliefs, but I also rejected everything that was remotely connected to it, including my spirituality and any notion of God.

I was going through life without God and religion and ‘having fun’, eventually coming to the realization of how empty and void it was. I was starting to feel the pain of the emptiness and being stuck in the ‘void’. A yearning to find the God within and begin my soul journey immediately followed.

“What is God?”
“What is the purpose of it all?”
“There’s got to be more than this.”

One day, I was walking up my street and all of a sudden a gush of wind came blowing towards me. I don’t know what it was about but it touched me so deeply. It was more than simply the wind blowing, it was as if I could feel the air particles and the life in them. This made me realize that there was an invisible life force all around me that I’d been missing out on for so long.

It was an immense feeling and I remember it so distinctly to this day. It was so beyond me, yet was very intrinsically me, pervading throughout. The memory has stayed with me over all these years… Malémene’s experience very much reminds me of this moment <3



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