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When I first saw Nemesoul she really was the epitome of what the feminine being represents.

Seeing her through Malémene’s eyes, embracing femininity and standing her ground, she's solidly rooted in who she is. It’s like she emulates a strength that cannot be penetrated. And it’s not just a physical fierceness of her knowing how to use her weapons and being physically strong and solid, but she also has a strength in her wisdom that is awe inspiring!

The feminine quality of her inner knowing is never second guessed. She has such profound trust in that, that it's like being faced with a will that is ironclad. No one would have any chance of ever telling her otherwise.

There's a fierceness that comes with that because if anyone has any intention of interfering, well… she'll see it immediately and respond. She will protect herself whatever it takes, and meet that intention exactly the way it needs to be met.

That is Nemesoul and how can Malémene not be impressed by her? How can a girl not be impressed by that kind of role model? That is what being fierce, strong and embracing the Goddess energy fully looks like.

I would have loved to have known a woman like that when I was a little girl. I am incredibly blessed to have witnessed her embodying that and I have been shown how I can do it too.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Have you ever known a woman like that?

What does embracing the Goddess energy mean to you?



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