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Jolene: Having grown up with Malémene’s mother Embra, Nemesoul is well aware that Malémene would naturally inherit some of her amazing abilities. And because of her love and respect for Embra, she was keen to take Malémene on as a student. She's excited by the challenge!

Jason: She wants her to do well.

Jolene: And determined to get it right because it matters to her a lot. This would be her passion, wouldn’t it? I never thought of it in that way; seeing it from Nemesoul’s point of view…

Jason: Of nurturing that talent…

Jolene: And supporting Embra in Malémene’s upbringing, providing her with every opportunity to facilitate her growth and encouraging her authentic talents. There are so many possibilities.

Jason: That’s right, and bringing them out in a way that is going to encompass her personality.

Jolene: It's like she's really looking forward to seeing how Malémene is similar to Embra and yet unique in her own way. It’s brought a new enthusiasm to her arts!



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