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Moving forward in a Heart Based Reality (Message From Another Realm)


Jason: Granada, hello! How are you?


Granada: Greetings, I am well. How are you?


We are well, thank you.


It is such a pleasure to be here with you again.


Yes, it’s a pleasure to have you.


What an auspicious time.


Yes it is.


Once again we are so grateful that Jolene is so pure in her intent of bringing the information through so clearly and truthfully. I have come through in order to gently bring Jolene back into her practice, so that she can be at ease and know that she is protected and guided in all things good and true.


Well, that’s great to know. Thanks for being here with us and passing on that knowledge.


It is a pleasure!


We appreciate your guidance and insights, it’s nice for a familiar consciousness to come by and say ‘hello’ and help her through the difficult stage of tapping in again. It’s been a while…


It has been a while but there has been much healing to be done, which takes priority, and her healing has accelerated. 


We have seen, especially lately, she has been doing very well and acknowledge the healing process is underway. We’re working with that and seeing some good results.


Oh it is to be applauded! The work that has been done to align the Divine intelligence of heart, mind and gut - she has been very focused. We are facilitating that healing and even within yourself, we are accelerating that healing process.


Thank you. We are both very grateful for all of the help that we receive.


And that gratitude turns into more accelerated healing. What a blessing!


Yes it is.


And the more aligned you become, the more connected you are to the other dimensional realities that exist in this plane of existence. I know that you understand there are many that are working in this spiritual warfare alongside you and with Humanity. It is true that there are malevolent beings within all of the different types of beings and realities, but the majority of us, the Pleiadians are true and are of a greater consciousness, as we have not been infiltrated as severely as Humanity has. We have great empathy for you because you were specifically targeted.


Knowing that we have been infiltrated, and to such an extent, it’s great that you’re able to help out even though you’re quite far away…


Oh no, we are not that far away. We are just through the gateway…


I mean, there’s probably a lot of others who aren’t really that concerned about what happens here, so it’s nice that you’re able to help out in any way at all!


It is an honour! It’s an honour to be of service at this auspicious time.


It is such an interesting time, moving through these events.


Humanity is breaking through and coming into a more holistic truth of your existence and your reality. That is the only way forward and the only way to combat this. You have learned much since we have last spoken. You’ve discovered much, much that has kept you awake at night - much that has filled your heart with sheer joy!


We are excited for the future that this knowledge will bring, when the majority awakens to the level of consciousness that is now permeating our realm.


Mmm… the binds that have held you in captivity are breaking and releasing in the collective consciousness as we speak. There is much work to do but you two have been so enthusiastic that it’s had a reverberating effect. Know that to be true.


Thanks for saying that, because it is nice to get confirmation that we are heading in the right direction and that it’s just a matter of time really. We just keep going, we keep pushing on, learning, using that knowledge and sharing that knowledge.


It is more than the knowledge - it’s actually the existence that you are creating. You have moved yourselves more and more towards your heart felt realities that you have dreamed of. You have escaped, you have set yourself free from the 9 to 5 matrix of paying bills and being slaves to those that want to rule over you and overpower. Their power is diminishing as you realise that you are far more powerful, that you have the reality of accessing your heart felt desires and living from that space. The knowledge is good, yes and knowing the truth is good, yes, that is essential but the thing that actually facilitates the 5th Dimensional reality in consciousness that people speak of is to actually live in existence from what you imagine in your heart and living from that - that is the true power! That is the true force that changes the existence in this realm to one of freedom, rather than enslavement.


Yes, and it’s a privilege that we have been able to do that, to step out of the matrix…


I can tell you that we have been standing by in joy watching you creating your new reality here. That speaks more power and volume, and has reverberating effects - greater than simply knowing. Gathering knowledge, information and truth; to apply them so that you are moving towards more of a heart based reality, is the most essential part of what needs to be created in this realm. That is the only way to break free from your chains, to break free from your restrictions. They can try and interfere with that but your Will and Love for your new lives has a power far greater than you can imagine.


We are really enjoying living the dream and that was always the goal. Now that we are doing that, we are feeling the power and purpose behind it.


Yes, that is so joyous to us because that is the point, it really is quite simple. People imagine themselves doing things that are great, things that are popular, things that will give them great wealth in the monetary scheme but they don’t understand that it takes a little dream and then heading and walking your way in that direction, one step at a time. That is where the true power lies and the true change that facilitates you breaking free from the limitations and coming into your true inheritance, which is abundance, joy and purpose.


We cannot emphasise this enough! It’s the small things, the little deeds that add up to so great a turning of the tides, a changing of events, and we speak this to your Humanity because this is where the true power lies. It continues to get you into the habit of living more and more from you heart, from your true desires that help you gain momentum so that the bigger steps can be achieved, as you have seen. When you came out here you were so unsure and wobbly on your feet but you kept going, you kept going everyday, even though the struggles were hard, you created a new way and a new practice. This took so much effort but you never stopped and you went from one small step to another and you kept going. 


We are truly humbled by your strength, persistence and by your great love because only great love can actually give you the motivation to keep going in those times. We have seen you struggle, we have seen you doubt and seen you unsure, and yet you trust and keep trusting, putting one step in front of the other. We have seen how far you have come and we are truly in awe of the strength of your hearts and your love. If you could see how we see you, you would have a lot more love for yourselves and each other, as we truly love you all so greatly. You are our family, you are our brothers and sisters in this great Divine cosmos, in this cosmic family.


We appreciate this connection because we find that the more we do the more we understand and the closer we get to breaking through into dimensions like these. We know they are there but from our limited 3D perspective, aren’t easy to find. The closer we get to our own spiritual selves, the closer we get to understanding what more there is for us to discover.


Absolutely. You have only seen a fraction, you have only had a peak through the keyhole of what is lying in front you for Humanity.


Exactly, and that’s what keeps us going, the fact that there is hope…


It goes beyond hope…


Yes, we’re seeing the truth evolve before our very eyes. Knowing that things can be better, that things will be better, that we can keep pushing and making them better ourselves.


And if you look back, you can see that things are better.


Yes, that’s right. Every time we look back we see that.


And we know the nature of evil and parasitic energies and entities. They are always restless, they are continually driven by their madness and torment; their own inner torment. They can never settle and they can never find peace and so that static energy drives them to be constantly searching, constantly driven in hatred, despising your connection to your joy, love and your Divinity. And so these things will happen but as you have learned, you can move beyond these attacks and interruptions. At the core of it all it fortifies you more in your love for God, for Source, your desire for connection, your love for family and your desire for purpose. It only reinforces that within you and that is all that needs to be done, to keep strong, to keep sure and to keep remembering who you are, where you have come from and where you are going. Yes, we do occasionally remember things like this, to remind of our purpose and how best we can be fulfilling that.


And Jolene is correct, not only do people experience a calcification of the third eye - the pineal gland, they also have a calcification of the heart and of the gut. Plaque builds up where toxins build up, where trauma builds up. When we focus on clearing these by reducing and eliminating the amount of poisons taken in, by eating well according to your personal bodily harmonics and by spiritually being fed well, then these parts of the body can be repaired. They can be returned back to their original functioning, bringing you back into Divine Intelligence of heart, mind and gut alignment. Then you are in tune and in harmony with the Aetheric Realm, where all Knowledge, information and experience is stored. 


You can pull that through to yourself and apply it into your life at any moment. It is that simple. Jolene is learning how to attune herself to be in harmony with this reality and we applaud her ability to do so. Stress does get in the way and we do ask that she takes it easy on herself, as she is always striving so hard. Stress is no good, it’s an agitator and that actually enables a gateway, a crack in the auric field, for parasitic and interfering energies and entities to have an impact on her daily life. 


Don’t overdo things. It’s good to understand your limitations in this physical realm as everybody has their boundaries and limitations according to where they are at at the time. Acceptance of this and working with it is much more productive! Jolene wants to be productive and we applaud that and honour that, and there is a far greater way of being productive - to go with the flow of what we need at the time and what our body needs. We can manifest help and assistance in other ways. This is something we can learn with practice so we can be at ease. We can feel that ease in our shoulders, we can be at ease in our mind and understand that there is a more efficient way of being productive.


Yes, that’s what we are experimenting with at the moment, how we can be more productive with our time, without stress.


Stress causes dis-ease and we all know where dis-ease leads! It leads to illness, exhaustion, it leads to susceptibility. We all know that you get excited (laughs) to be getting on with things but we have to look at a more efficient way of productivity. We can breathe into the moment and try to understand - what do we need to do? What does our body need? What does our mind need? Even God rests - God is at rest, operating at a peaceful hum of Love and Truth in the present moment. We can all do the same.


The more that you can do this, the more you are in the flow, the more you attract things towards you that you need. God knows what you need, God knows the help you need, what your loved ones need and the Divine timing of all things. There is no rush, there is only purpose and developing characteristics and strengths within yourselves; it is all character building. This enables you to come into more Wisdom and more Love.


So, we take a deep breath and we are in tune with what we need to do in the moment. We can relax our mind and trust that we don’t need to do anymore than that. We can do more tomorrow and the next day, and it will all get done in the right time, with the right lessons and the right experiences. We can trust that and  be sure in that and it all goes according to plan. That is what true Wisdom is.


Mmm… trusting…


And understanding in the moment we gain strength and learn through our challenges a greater wisdom and a greater trust and a greater Love for ourselves, for God and for our purpose.


Yes, it’s interesting moving through these times and practicing these things.


Because when the Great Awakening and the New Earth really is a reality in this realm once again, then you will already be in your practice. Then you can get on with enjoying being in your joy and your ecstasy and in your bliss, which is the true meaning of being in your bodies and existing in this physical realm. That is the true purpose of what God has gifted to you by incarnating through this body. It is a gateway to God, through your joy and your love and your bliss - to come into ecstasy!


It really is enjoyable when we get a glimpse of that, even just for a moment.


And we experience it too from our dimensional reality. We get to experience it through witnessing you living it. It goes beyond what you comprehend and see in your limited viewpoint.


We really appreciate the drive to continue striving for these things, even though our perception is limited, we feel and we know it’s important to keep going.


And that is what is so amazing about Humanity, even though the emotions are a lot to digest, they give you an insight and a depth that is truly remarkable! When you can harness them and tap into them in a more aligned manner, it is a beauty to behold! 


That is the trick, learning how to tap into them to gain more benefit out of your efforts.


Yes, and it is as if Humanity is growing from an adolescence to a maturity of adulthood when you can harness your emotions.


Hmm, that is a difficult task.


It is very difficult, especially when there is so much interference, distractions, fatigue and stress. It is very important to look after yourselves and understand what you need to do in the moment; not what you would like to get done or feel that you need to achieve in order to satisfy a standard - yes, to strive and to reach for a higher standard is always admirable - and yet we can also honour ourselves in the moment. That is far more productive and enables us to be protected from further interference and contamination.


It allows more joy to come in, because we are gentle with ourselves, have compassion for ourselves and we nurture ourselves. Then this enables us to give those qualities to our loved ones and others, which in turn brings more into this realm. That is how it is done. This is truly needed at this time, more than anything else.


Yes, and leading by example is the best way to achieve that.


Well, you are bringing it into existence. That’s the key, to bring it into existence - your dreams, your heart-felt desires, one small step at a time through little deeds and acts, that is where the true power lies. And so I leave you with this message, with such great love and great honour. I am so honoured to be walking with you.


We are honoured to have you by our side.


I never leave you in my heart and in my thoughts and I will be back again soon. In the meantime know that you are loved, know that you are supported and know that we are fighting together for the Greatest Good of all of the realms. I bid you goodbye for now, much Love <3


Much Love to you too. Thank you so much for your message and for being so supportive, it’s much appreciated! We look forward to speaking with you again soon.


As we do. Good bye.


Good bye. 



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