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We are part of the Inter-galactic Council and there are several of us present. We will step forward and make our statements and answer according to our expertise and who is best suited.

So as you understand now, we are here to help you with the financial aspect of this warfare that has been set upon you for eons. Now you understand that the demiurge has weaponised every aspect of your being and existence against you. We are aware, and now you too are aware and conscious of your role to play in the counter-action of the corruption of abundance in wealth of all forms.

We really are looking for advice in these areas…
We are here to assist you in bringing forth the financial sovereignty of your planet. We are very interested in placing the actual material of precious metals into your hands so that you may benefit from the energetic properties of these metals and the physical wealth that comes with it. We wish to put these materials into the correct hands. This is necessary if we are to change the vibration and the operation of currency on your planet.

“They” know of the full benefits and have been withholding these and have hoarded most of the wealth for themselves, but now it is time to disperse all of it back into the correct hands and change the frequencies of your currencies, which is very necessary. We encourage everyone to acquire as many of the metals that you can afford (this includes metals such as copper…) Of course, there will be material benefits that will arise from the purchase of these metals, yet we encourage you for the greater good so that the energies will be changed within and redirected to the more expansive and abundant way of being on your planet.

Just as Jolene has been playing and experimenting with her little piece, this encourages the corrected attunement and function of the metals, which has reverberating effects in the financial realm. You all are coming out of scarcity, which is a belief system that has served a mere few and has caused the suffering of so many! So many of you have been and are praying and calling out to come into abundance and those prayers are being answered.

This is how you can manifest and amplify the reality of abundance into the physical aspect of your reality; by obtaining whatever physical precious metal you can and bring it into your space, by having the purposeful intention of attunement to the new Heart Consciousness, expanded, abundant frequency. This is the primary way of changing the frequency of the corrupted metal. We now must press you to make your purchases and bring these metals back into the hands of the rightful owners, the good citizens of planet Earth.

There will be so many benefits! The more who practice with this consciousness and awareness, the more it will cause a movement in the frequency and a prompting for more people in the collective consciousness to do the same. These are Earth’s gifts to you! They have been stolen from you, so bring these precious metals back home, back home to you and back home to the Earth where they belong. We hope you understand how important this mission is.

We are starting to understand on so many levels now…
This is precisely what needs to happen to manifest the abundant wealth of this realm. Once more people realise, the more the frequencies are repaired and the more it accelerates the healing of this planet.

The more the corrupt entities are being held to account and their assets relocated, the more wealth will become available, so make your claim. The amount is unbelievable! This is why it is so important to bring the currency back into full connection the precious metals, because their true purpose is healing and they are Earths metals and that is their frequency and where they belong.

The metals currently are dull in their aura. They are not radiating the auric colours of healthy wealth… we hope this is understandable. So to bring them back to auric health, it is of benefit to simply place the metal on your heart chakra, similar to what you would do if it were a crystal or oil, etc, and sit with it, allowing it to tune to your heart frequency. The simple act of placing it there will enable it to tune into your heart frequency. If it is of significant weight, then it is quite adequate to place your hands upon it, with your heart attunement to the metal being your intention and focus.

There will be more information to come and we encourage all to acquire as much as you can, not for mere financial gain, but for the energetic healing of the planet. They are great conductors and now they need to conduct the energy of abundance and plenty, there is so much to share!

That sounds awesome!
We need so many of you to put your heart attunement, to bring it out of the frequency of scarcity, greed and limitation that has tainted it and it must be purified energetically again to bring it back into homeostasis and its holistic function. Yes, it has far more function than mere collection of numbers. In the holistic frequency and function, it will also serve in the purpose of being a great protective shield from corruptive frequencies, so we would like for you to get busy and start claiming your rightful inheritance!

October 2020



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