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Jason: Can you explain your experience of Source so far?

Malémene: I’m taken back again to that space we've spoken of already, of when I was an infant, age three. Through my mother's eyes the deep gazing allowed me to see her third eye project out and connect with mine. Instantly it was as if mine could automatically project out into a portal.


There was a strange awareness of knowing that I was able to look deep within her because she invited me in. I could see down into her other chakras and I could also see up. It was like looking so deep in and yet being able to see so far out that I could see the whole entire universe!


It wasn’t just visual either, the visual was able to feel. I could see through feeling, I could feel her intentions and I could see and feel connectedness. She was making me aware of Source through her connection with it.

Now I feel incredibly grounded. I can feel the chakras in my feet so anchored, so solidly stable that everything's illuminated. Through this vision and connection she made me aware of how all the chakras work in unison. They can't work in isolation from each other. If there's a blockage or imbalance that occurs in one of the chakras, it will affect the others. That’s why it’s vital that you check into them all.

                                                                                                                                                        (Chapter 8)



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