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    Please note - 'A Quest of Transcendence' was previously titled 'The Call of Auberone'.

    First things first.  Before we talk about what this book is about, it’s important to understand a bit about the authors and how this information was channeled.

    Jolene channels spirit.  Jason is a past life regression therapist who is able to bring through events from other worlds and dimensions.   Jolene did readings for Jason, and Jason did past life regressions for Jolene. Together they attended Dolores Cannon’s quantum healing course in England, and for those of us who love Dolores’s Convoluted Universe series, A Quest of Transcendence is a welcome treat. 

    The Tierney’s  tap into the life of Malémene and take us on a fascinating and enlightening journey as she grows from a 12-year-old girl into an adult and becomes a teacher of sacred knowledge in her world.

    Jolene recalls how embodying the essence of Malémene’s experiences helped her remember her own innate qualities within herself.  Conscious living is what all of my books are about, and this quote from Jolene especially hit home…

    “It changed me.  The truth is within, we just need to find it, and conscious living is a tool for that.  It’s the heart’s intention put into action.”

    The thing I love most about this book is that it gives us not just a glimpse, but true insight into how a culture that incorporates the following functions…

    • chakra awareness

    • universal law

    • understanding the power of intention and overcoming ego

    • healing energetically and with herbs,

    • practicing affirmations

    • honoring both the male and female essence within

    There are conflicts and challenges faced by Malémene’s society; but, ahhhhh, this is the kind of world I dream about and long for as we move from 3D to 5D energy. 

    I thank the authors for allowing us to see some of what the human race has to look forward to as we continue to evolve and move forward spiritually.  Don’t miss this book!

    ~ Sherri Cortland


    Using Dolores Cannon’s past life regression technique, Jolene and Jason connect with a twin soul from a parallel universe. The transcript reads as a story, sharing elements of this parallel world through the eyes of a girl growing into adulthood. Through the regression, we obtain glimpses into a society that maintains its connection to the “I AM” and places immense importance on educating each generation on developing and maintaining a connection with their connection to Source. Most importantly, the regression played a practical role in sharing information between our worlds, allowing us to see a new potential for our world and allowing the parallel world to see what they could become if they fall into unconsciousness. The book is an easy read and provides a lovely message to the reader.

    ~ Gizelle Hamilton



    A transformational book - · 

    This book was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I connected with it on a deep inter dimensional level. The connection of messages that came through gives every reader the knowing we are all multidimensional and it gave an excitement of knowing how we are expanding past the 3D construct that we currently live in. I highly recommend this book.

    ~ Callette

    The book's parallel setting helped engage me and bring forward the potential of what lies ahead, while simultaneously drawing me in through narrative - Jason uses conversational questioning techniques which allow Jolene to bring through powerful moments in Malémene's journey - which are easily related to, even as new reader! This is a must read for anyone looking into QHHT, Metaphysics, or is curious in life. It was so easy to read, any moment I had the chance. I really loved it! 11/10


    ~ Jason Francis

    The Call of Auberone, what a great read. I really enjoyed this book and it has opened my eyes to parallel existences. I would

    recommend this book to anyone.


    ~ Todd  


    Just finished reading it and I really liked it because it made me use my imagination, it was easy to read and understand and I would read it again.


    ~ Melinda Nutter

    White Light Magazine review

    The Call of Auberone is a delightful account...

    ~ Jo Durand


    Immaculate & rare, spiritual read in every sense of words.


    The Call of Auberone’ is an absolutely unique book which relays author Jolene Kearney’s exquisite talent of channelizing spirit, when combined magnificently with Jason Tierney’s past life Regression therapy to deliver an extraordinary- vividly detailed settings entwined with intricate developed events from an imaginable another world and dimension. ‘The Call of Auberone’ is a spiritual read in every sense of word as every chapter ticks along at a perfect pace, that brings the time period of parallel world to life with authentic details about a young girl’s spiritual journey and telepathic relationship with her dragon. Author Jolene Kearney shares her first person experience of living Past Life Regression- developing and delivering a wild ride of unexpected emotional feeling providing an immersive reading experience that is immaculate and rare. I was genuinely impressed with the narrative that retained its original style and thought as it all flowed flawlessly in a seductive manner. Mature adults and readers familiar with the genre or meditation are sure to enjoy this masterpiece which will resonate with them for a very long time. Highly recommended.                                                              


    ~Ena's Reviews

    The Call of Auberone is the story of a young, adventurous girl and her anciently-wise pet dragon. Together they embark upon many adventures whilst exploring the magical world in which they live. In of itself this is not an overly exciting plot-line for a book… except that this particular story is somewhat different; for rather than being penned from an unimaginative author it is an account of events taking place in a world parallel to our own.

    Regressive Explorations.

    In the opening to The Call of Auberone the authors explain that their publication features a series of transcripts of channeled conversations that occurred during the course of fifteen months from October 2014 to December 2015. These channeled messages emerged whilst psychic Jolene Kearney underwent past life regression at the hands of therapist Jason Tierney. Using Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, the couple made contact with Malémene – a twelve year old girl whose mother, Embra, was Empress of the land in which they live. Into the mix emerges the girl’s pet dragon called Draggy who had been assigned to her when she was eight to act as a personal teacher and guide. Together this inseparable pair travelled far and wide during which time the dragon both protects her and shares in her wild and carefree thirst for adventure. The book effectively follows the events that underpins the girl’s life as she develops on from a young girl, through puberty and into young adulthood when she is forced to face the complex challenges of an adult life. Most of the time her life is free and full of gaiety but on occasions she is forced to cope with health problems of both her parents as well as the darker occult powers than permeate their land. As the story draws to a close its sense of separation from our current physical world begins to dissolve as the issues and challenges, opportunities and sacred wisdom begin to filter through to present humanity.

    Our Review of The Call of Auberone by Jolene Kearney and Jason Tierney

    The Call of Auberone is a book that will be savoured, enjoyed and appreciated by both children and adults in equal measure.

    The story of Malémene is delightful, engaging and fascinating whilst the heroines joyous approach to life flows throughout this book along with the vibrant nature of the magical kingdom which she inhabits. Some might question the authenticity of this story and I have to admit that I do not know whether the information contained in this book is truly channeled from an alternated reality or whether it is a product of the mind of the authors. However several key features of this book set it aside from mainstream fantasy literature. One of these is the amount of interesting metaphysical details that are woven into the tale. Secondly the book is also notable for its sense of consistency and continuation which is evident through out the various sessions that the authors undertook over fourteen months. Neither of these, I am sure, would have been so easy to achieve had this been simply a product of a fertile mind. In any case this is a book that stands on its own merits being thought-provoking, engagingly inspiring as well as rich in its presentation of spiritual/metaphysical ideas and themes. I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Call of Auberone and look forward to the possibility of reading other channeled works by Jolene Kearney and Jason Tierney in the future.


    ~Peter J Morris Reviews

    I've been experiencing what I'm going to call 'the dark Night of the soul' for lack of a better term! I call it this because the age that I am is generally when you go through this and I have certainly experienced what I would say is darkness. It comes in the form of disconnection, separation, lack of purpose etc. Some might call it depression but I don't like to use that word especially when talking about life span experience. Anyway, I have just read this book and in its simplicity (which is what I needed given my energy) I feel reconnected with the truth. I've been reminded of what I know to be true on a fundamental level. It was exactly what I needed to wake me up to exactly what I need to pay attention to. Reading this book changed my focal point and since I've changed my focal point light just keeps pouring in, in all its glorious forms. This book has been key in enlightening every moment that was once dark. Because it reminded me about who we really are!        

                                                                                                                                           ~Emma Collette


    The Call of Auberone is so wonderfully written ... love it and am very proud of you both ... felt the beauty of every word ... and appreciate all the hard work that has gone into the recording of this valuable account and the wisdom. It is amazing how you seem to have captured the energy .... both powerful and loving ... My heart is wide open after reading this ....thanks again for this wonderful book .... u certainly are amazing ... both of you .. . Loads of Love,
                                                                                                                                       ~Christine Lindon

    I can recommend the book 'The call of Auberone, An account from a parallel existence' by Jolene Kearney & Jason Tierney. I finished reading it this afternoon in the sun. It was a very interesting experience. I'd love to be so connected with my intuition (and using all my psychic abilities) as the main character in the book. I'd like to share this sentence from the book: The awakening is the realization that you are love, light, connected and divine.

                                                                                                                                            ~Astrid Boot

    I've just finished the book and I have a tear in my eye. WOW, loved the book it was easy to read and to understand. I am in LOVE with Malémene and Auberone. Thank you Jolene and Jason xxx

                                                                                                                                         ~Jodi Aranda

    To be honest, I was expecting a book that was dry and clinical (much like canon and newton) but i was pleasantly surprised :D I am appreciating the hours Jolene has spend in regression state in order to reveal Malémene and Auberone's existence to us and Jason the many hours of asking questions and capturing what was being transmitted.

    This book is well written and easily read and followed. Through Malémene we are offered teachings that can easily be applied to our here and now (if we chose to) I recommend this book to those who are interested in learning about spiritual truths, inner wisdom and that there is MORE than this existence. Well done to Jolene and Jason.

                                                                                                                                          ~Sonja Oudhoff

    This mystical adventure tale about Malémene and Auberone and their spiritual wisdom had me turning page after page. This can’t put down book filled with spiritual insight and knowledge took me on an emotional and visual journey into realms of beauty and sacred love.

    This beautifully written story allows the reader to see the story like a visually pleasing movie.
    As a seeker of truth and purpose, this story gave me clarity into the relevance and importance of undertaking spiritual practice. The messages that have come though are recognizable and inspiring. I couldn’t help but feel envy for the way of life that is being shared though this parallel existence.


    This book sure did inspire a deeper longing for personal expansion. I would recommend this book to anyone who seeks to understand the importance and relevance of undertaking deep spiritual practice. A great big thank you to Jolene and Jason for co-creating this magnificent tale.

                                                                                                                                          ~ Rebecca Amoroso



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