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Part 1 – The Regression

Jolene: I’m at the base of a tall building, a skyscraper. There are a lot people about, I’m not the only one, there are so many. Even though the skyscraper looks very imposing and tall, making us look like ants, well we know the strength of ants. And so that does not concern us.

Jason: Are there normally this many people around?

J: No, not like this.

Is this a special event?

J: Yes.

What’s happening?

J: We want to take down this building.

Is that the only one of its type.

J: In this particular area it’s the only one. It has disguised itself to look like a normal building. We can’t see inside it. The only thing I can pick up on is darkness. But it’s having this effect on us, on our third eye.

Do people work in that building or was it constructed to be a machine?

J: We’re not sure yet, but it feels like a machine. We assume there are people in there, or beings at least. We don’t know.

Do you see people coming and going like a normal work place?

J: No. It’s aroused our suspicions for a while now. Something similar to this has happened before, it’s not my first experience. Some are aware but the majority are here out of curiosity.

Is this like a protest or something more?

J: It’s a concerted effort. We want to know what this place is. We’ve noticed a change, something’s not sitting quite right.

If it’s affecting the third eye are you feeling like the building is broadcasting a frequency to block it?

J: Yes, there’s definitely a frequency coming out of it. We want to know what this is about. It looks like it’s covered in mirrors… trying to deflect you from wanting to see in. Just that alone makes me want to know what is in there. I get a feeling that we’re like ants, we’re gathering together and we’re going to just start pulling it apart.

Nice. Sounds good.

J: We’re ripping off the façade because we intuit all is not as it seems. We want to know the truth. It feels like some kind of transmitter. Just this particular building in amongst so many others. The outside of the building hasn’t changed but the inside has had a complete make over. No one could see any difference from the street, yet we could feel it and it didn’t feel right at all. Peoples eyes were changing…

In the vicinity of the building?

J: Yes, like a darkness was coming over them. I’ve noticed this on a few occasions but I wondered if I actually saw it or just imagined it. At first we didn’t think much of it. Our society is a peace loving people living on a 5D level, quite well connected. This was the only way they could really construct these things to infiltrate because otherwise we would just be too aware. They made it look like nothing was happening, like nothing was going on.

Did they just start broadcasting and increasing the level of severity?

J: It’s not reached a severe state yet because we’re intuitive we have picked up on it early. Well, we think we’re onto it early but we must remember that the whole inside of it has been completely altered. Nothing within this building is the same, only the outside shell.

So the building has been repurposed by an outside force or people who are intent on infiltrating and controlling! Now that you’re taking the façade off is anyone coming out to try and stop this?

J: There’s no one else in sight, that’s the spooky part about it. People are already starting to sound off alarms; let’s be careful with this because we don’t understand what’s going on here.  We’re aware that this is happening in other places (cities) too. It’s got the same nuclear feel to it. I don’t know if it is actually nuclear or if it’s a representation of the damage it could do but we’re all starting to feel that awareness now. We’ve stopped what we’re doing and are just standing together, we understand that with any dark force that exists there is always a light force, there’s always a counter measure.

The people are the counter measure are they?

J: Yes definitely. Although we’re experiencing a level of fear and anxiety in the heart space it’s okay because that’s expressing a natural concern for our fellow beings. We’re trying to feel into it to find a solution.

Just going inside and dismantling it isn’t the solution?

J: No, not this time. We know our strength because we work together in that way, our society operates industriously, similar to ants.

If enough people come together with that collective conscious frequency to override the frequency coming from the building, would that be a solution?

J: Definitely, but it’s how? And so we decide to occupy the surrounding buildings. If we can isolate it, then it can’t connect to the ones in other locations. We go into the buildings and interfere with it that way, and we feel the people, we’re aware of the other people doing this in their areas too. That’s how it will be done. We are amazed by how far and how much was done in that building… how far it went before we noticed anything.

And each area has a building like this?

J: Many places. They thought because it was so clandestine and yet so big, that we would be deterred. We are a hard working, connected society, and just like a colony of marching ants we move into these buildings and start working on a solution. There are technologies that we have, our own devices. Individually a device like that would never be enough, it would be nothing in comparison to this massively powerful technology, but all of us with our little devices coming into these buildings we actually counteract as a collective. We become one, absolutely gigantic technology that allows us to shield the rest of our society from the damage that this thing is doing, it’s fighting back. Not all of us remain standing at the end of it, but enough. As one falls someone else stands and comes into the building and joins our network.

How is their technology able to overcome someone on a physical level? As one person falls… does that mean their device has failed?

J: Yes, it’s like our devices are connected to us, we’re holding them.

What happens to that person? Are they injured?

J: Oh my goodness it’s like they’ve liquefied on the inside… But we have to stand strong, I can’t look at that right now. We have to stand because if we don’t that radiating frequency will affect our communities. Connected we are so strong. This feeling of knowing that we stand together, it grows and makes us even stronger in our connection. We learn how to send that frequency back into itself and we send it back. When I first saw this building it was using mirrors to reflect back at us so that we couldn’t see in. So we used that against it, so it would reflect back in on itself, and then things started to change. Then it starts toppling down and can’t do anything else but destroy itself. The call went out to all the other places to do this too. It took a while because a lot of things had to be worked out but when it caved in on itself a malignant, cancerous debris was left behind.

That also took us a while to clean up which bonded us even more. And in that bonding it healed a lot of our grief and actually caused our own ascension. I guess this is what humanity will be going through. It will be for all because no one can be left behind. We cannot let this happen again. Everyone is helped through love, connection, information and the healing that needs to come from such a significant moment. When things like that happen it shakes everyone into awareness and fortifies you into bringing in more love and connection, and gratitude for peace. This makes for an even more industrious and innovative society because you understand what will happen if you don't. Deep in the core of every benevolent being is the desire to be happy, connected and loved. All the good beings get in on that one together. Everyone does it on their own level. You grow up just a little bit more and that's really what conscious expansion is, consistently growing that little bit more.



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