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I’m out in nature looking at some rocks, some big stones coming out of the ground.


Jason: Okay. 


They look like tomb stones or ruins and remind me of the teeth of a giant creature. We use them to tie thick ropes around so we can climb down the cliff face.


J: So they are quite big then?


Yes, strong enough to anchor us. We are very agile and climb down this cliff face so that we can reach the water down below. 


J: Is that the only way down to the water though?


It is the quickest way (Smiles) It’s the quickest and most efficient way… and the most physically challenging!


J: How many of you are there?


Myself and a couple of companions.


J: How old would you all be?


We would be classified as young adults. I am male and I am humanoid, with thick hair on my legs and forearms, plus partly on my face, neck, back of hands and top of our feet. 


J: Are you going down to get water?


We are collecting things… there’s a food that collects amongst the pebbles in this stream that comes from the plants above the waterfall. The process of them falling into the stream, tumbling through the waterfall and being submerged in this water makes them palatable to us. They are sort of like a nut.


J: When you collect those and take them back do you go up the rope or do you walk around?


Yes, we go back up the rope.


J: Yeah, wow!


We are very agile and capable of using our feet as well as our hands while climbing. Our environment makes us that way.


J: That is quite an advantage.


Yes, it is! It keeps us strong. 


J: Does it take you long to get down, collect and come back up?


(Laughs) Some are faster than others.


J: (Laughs) Do you have races?


We definitely have a competitive spirit! (Laughter)


J: Yes, I would say! So it’s fun as well?


Oh, we have lots of fun! We have so much time to play! 


J: Very nice.


It is. It’s quite radiant and full of sunlight where we live. The colours are radiant…


J: And the water? What colour is the water?


Almost like a turquoise, silvery colour. That is fun to play in as well! 


J: These cliff faces you liken to giant teeth, they must look quite grand when you are down playing in the water…


There is the cliff face, which is solid, striated and covered in vines and at the top, it curves into a lip and a little away from the edge, emerge these narrow, slender, mound like stones that remind me of a gigantic creatures teeth!


J: Wow! I wonder if it was one at some time?


It makes me wonder! Our folklore does speak of such things…


J: So you have tales in folklore about those?


Always, of giant beings and creatures. This one would have been so giant I would have been like a bug to it!


J: That may be a story for another day.


Yes. So we are in the stream collecting food. That’s something that we all contribute towards. It makes many different foods for us. It’s a nice staple. 


J: That’s great that it simply washes down the waterfall and it’s almost prepared, ready to go. All you need to do is get it!


Yes… I feel a nervousness in my heart space… I see that there is a disturbance, like a different reaction in the wildlife around… a sense of… I do feel a sense of panic. 


J: Wow, a sense of foreboding in the wildlife? Have they gone quiet or disappeared? 


They haven’t disappeared but they are reactive… It feels like there is something emerging from the sky… 


J: Can you get to a spot where you can…


Yes, I’m running… I’m running to a safe looking post. It looks like a flat like cuboidal shape…


J: So something has emerged from the sky!




J: Is it hovering there or moving?


Umm, yes, (feeling ominous) it emerges out of the sky, just coming almost straight down… and now it hovers. And now it’s pulsating!* It’s a terrible pulsation!

*It felt as if the pulsation was a repellent of some sort.


J: Is it like a sound or a noise?


Like a… almost like a sonic boom!


J: Right!


And the environment is shaking, this is not good! I don’t know what to do!


J: Are you just watching it?


No, no… I need to get somewhere safe. Everyone’s got to get somewhere safe!


J: Are you feeling these frequencies could be harmful?


Yes, it’s harming everything! I don’t understand why they would come and do that? 


J: Let’s get safe and see what happens. 


I see more emerging and I just run now! I run with so many others in the opposite direction… because we don’t know what is happening! 


J: Do you run back to the village?


No, we are running away from it.


J: Do you have any shelter nearby, like caves?


I don’t know… we are just running…


J: Okay.


We are good runners, so we get far enough that we can observe… we see beams coming out from the bottom of the crafts and they seem to be drawing up all of our resources. So we start running towards the others just in case we need to keep going further!


J: By your resources, what do you mean?


The water, the plants… we are witnessing a catastrophe!


I feel like I’m going to another part now, moving forward in the timeline…


J: Okay.


(Sighs) We don’t know who they are or what they are, what their full intentions are… all we know at this stage is that there are so many… it wasn’t a hostile invasion or takeover, it’s just… we were living in paradise and now we are not.


J: So it’s totally destroyed the environment?


I wouldn’t say “totally destroyed” but they have created scarcity and greatly wounded nature. Now what do we do?


J: So they just left did they?


Yes, that’s all I know at this stage.


J: You said that there were several of them, did they do a big area?


Yes! So we decide to move on and see where we can resettle… This actually forces us to venture right out beyond where we have ever gone before. We are full of uncertainty in a time of immense grief!


We don’t know where we will end up, what we are going to experience and how we are going to survive. And so we commit to making and keeping our telepathy strong. 


J: Did you automatically know in which direction to go? How was that decided?


Hmm… it was group intuition. That path looked ‘brighter’ than the other paths… do you know what I mean?


J: Yes.


It had a ‘sense’ about it… But you still don’t know where it leads… All you can do is trust. We never really had to actively exercise that before. 


J: It’s good that you have it.


I don’t really ‘have’ it yet, (Laughs) but realise that I need to! It was easy before, whereas now, it is a conscious effort. It’s not myself alone that is desperately in need of it, the whole group is reliant; we require it now. We have seen something we have never seen before and still, to this moment, don’t understand. And yet, it has fully impacted all of our lives. The question is, “Where do we go from here?”… That is a question that is heavy in my own consciousness…


J: You keep going until you find somewhere suitable…


That is the goal, but I don’t know what life is going to require of me, you see… I have no idea.


J: No


You can’t have certainty like that so you have to keep going until you find it. And now that is a life quest; the quest for our very lives. We are new to these hardships that we now face and yet we find so much comfort in each other, and the level of care we have for each other has really grown because we know that we are strong in numbers just as in nature. 


This is why it is so important that we continue to work on our collective telepathy because that is the real deep connection, that is the stuff that really binds us. Through our care for each other, our telepathy stays strong.


And we meet challenges, we stumble into weakness within our group but we cannot afford, even for one moment, for it to penetrate the whole group because then all that fear and doubt starts creeping in everywhere. That’s what scares me the most! But because we have had great nurturing and abundance from nature all around us, having lived that life enables us to strive for it again.


J: Yes, and as a community.


Yes, as a family really. It is interesting that as we experience the hardships and the struggles, it actually strengthens our resolve to create an environment that enabled us to thrive so greatly and to be in our joyfulness.


J: It’s finding that again.


We have to, and we work hard towards it with every step and with every action. We must or who knows what will happen to us next. Who knows what will really happen if we don’t. We had no idea that there could be so many different environments, like the change in climate…


J: So you have journeyed quite a distance from where you were and experienced a bit along the way?


Over the course of time, yes. We have had to really use our imagination to create new resources from new environments. (Laughs) Some of them… (more laughter) you make do, you know… (chuckles) And the different minds create different ways of imagining and provide a different viewpoint or function for some things. We try to make things work this way but then the brightness (intelligence) within the group finds a more efficient or correct way. 

We have been in a great time of learning, individually and collectively, which has sometimes brought us tears and sometimes a lot of laughter, and so the spirit really starts to shine and create a warmth between us all. 

I had never seen that before, how our energy actually affects our environment. Our old environment just made us happy naturally, easily. Now, through our strong bond and developing that deeper relationship through challenges and learning and growing together, we can see that our environment gains more colour.


J: Interesting. So it responds to the energy of the group?


Yes, nature can do that. We can do that to nature. I’d never seen that before. I never realised before. When we were in our old civilisation, we thought that it would be like this forever.


J: It was a very random turn of events though, wasn’t it?


Yeah, I guess that happens a lot… random…


J: It’s a shame that it had to happen right where you were living.


Yes, it was a shame. That really did affect our minds but I don’t think we will ever find any sense in it.


J: No, probably not. The main thing is that you survived and are stronger as a unit now.


Yeah, we are definitely stronger!



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