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October 9th 2018


Jason: What do you see?

I can see a long glass corridor in the shape of a triangle. And I see a man. I'm not on earth. I can see a humanoid being and he looks very familiar. He's got a long white beard and long white hair.

J: What's his name?

Hermity. He wears a long white robe and he greets with a gesture that is often mistaken as a prayer. And he has what almost looks like a jewel where his third eye is located.

J: Why is he with us today?

He wants to communicate with me. I'm in a very different place. I've been taken into a big domed room. The wall and the ceiling merge in a perfect dome. There's a light source at the top centre, but I can't make out what it is. It's sort of like a hole radiating light. The dome is made of a solid material, with a consistency a bit like ice but not cold.

J: Is it just the two of you there?

No, there are other people but I'm standing here with him.

J: How does he communicate?

There's spoken word mixed with sign language. Body language is far more communicative than words alone. They're able to express much more.

J: Okay, what would he like to talk about?

There's another being here now. This one is a cross between a Grey and an ant with an orange/ brown tint. Very gentile and quite jolly as well. His head moves around :) I think I have a problem with my heart! There's some kind of discomfort in my heart. This place seems like a clinic or a hospital and I've got an intense feeling in my chest. I just realised I'm a man. I don't know what to make of all this.

J: Well let's just wait and see. You'll be able to make something of it later once you have all the information.

Whatever's wrong with my heart has caused a lot of fatigue. They're scanning me now and the discomfort is starting to go away. The scanner uses a type of energy that does something to the molecules. It scans them and if they're not lined up properly the energy vibrates it back into place and it can heal the whole body.
I can see my heart. The heart experiences a lot of the trauma because it's the emotional centre. It's interesting to see how this method affects the muscle structure of the heart too, the muscular strands, not to mention the blood vessels and the airways. It's not an instantaneous thing. Sound is used to do a reading first, to diagnose the problem, and then facilitates the healing. It's similar to how a massage removes knots from the muscles. I'll have a treatment plan.

J: Will they be starting with that now?

Yes. There's no need to hesitate because the diagnosis is complete. It's very relaxing. This particular technology came from the ant type people. They have the medical intuition of the Greys and the industrial nature of the ant. They're very proud of their technologies. They are short, thin beings, about four feet tall with large heads and eyes of the same characteristic of the Greys, but their eyes are even larger; almost like one big lens that wraps around the face. It's quite beautiful, its iridescence. They have the ability to adjust their range of vision and can see beyond the microscopic level.

J: Would that mean they can see into your heart and find what needs to be done?

Yes, but the technology gives a clearer picture and allows the other beings who can't see in that way, to be able to see.

J: So you're saying this being is assisting Hermity to see what's happening as he, in his own way, is helping in the process too?


J: What's this beings name?

Rambar. We do get visited... just not in the spectacular way we imagine. (Laughs)

J: Yeah guys, why not just materialize here with us now? (Laughs)
(Smiles) I can see another being has just walked into the room. This one is female, taller, probably about six foot. She has big oval eyes and a trunk like mouth. She works with a type of levitation technology. There's a panel with dials levitating over my body...

This is a 5th dimensional instrument... it's really hard to get my head around. I can feel my body humming. Oh wow... The humming separated my molecules ever so slightly and then pulled them back together.

J: For what purpose?

Recalibration, and then I get to rest.

J: Is the healing complete now then?

Yes. They're taking me to a place of recovery.

J: Will you need any further sessions?

They said there would be more like this as required in the future.

Note: Within a session there may be an opportunity to talk with the subconscious. On this occasion it was appropriate and follows below.

Jason: As you would be aware, Jolene has had a flashback, which was quite traumatic so we'd like to look at reducing, or if possible, even removing these.

Subconscious: It's the memory that causes everything to go into lockdown. It's like the trigger of the memory causes a paralysis. Fight or flight. It gets blocked at that moment. It's like getting locked in a dark room and not being able to find a way out. You can't see a way out or feel your way out. You can't find a way out.

J: What can we do to help her cease going into flashbacks if this is where she's going to end up?

SC: First of all I'll explain to you that there are obvious triggers that she goes through. What's happening is that the mind gets locked. As soon as a subject comes up that's terrifying to her, she goes into asking "Am I safe?" She's thoroughly investigating the situation to try and gauge if she's safe or not. Because of the nature of things, usually what's said or done confirms to her that she's not safe at this moment. It's not a rational thought because she's still physically safe even if people are saying bad things, but she's aware of the energy. Is what's happening around her creating a safe container for her? Clearly it is not. So the flashback occurs. Energetically wanting to escape to find a safe place to go because her mind and body perceives that in this moment there's no safe container. In her mind there's no one who can keep her safe and nothing she can do to keep herself safe. She perceives that in reality no one can keep her safe.

J: Let's look at the most recent event. We need to somehow work with this scenario to help remove the intensity of the flashback. Can we come up with a way of, if not ceasing them, minimizing them? If the trigger is activated into the "On" position can we fix it in such a way so that it can then quickly and automatically switch "Off" and return to a safe place before she has to go through a flashback?

SC: In effect she doesn't really want to remove it. In the past she was fooled into trusting people because she couldn't see what was going on, because she didn't think that way. She feels like she needs to have it switched on so that she can see the clues that come with working out people like that.

J: So this is a protection mechanism?

SC: Yes.

J: Okay. Well if this has kept her safe and she'd like to continue using it that's not a problem. As it is though, it leaves her in a state of paralysis. She's very concerned about that. Would there be room for compromise maybe? Would toning it down work for her?

SC: I don't know how you're going to get that firm grip off the switch. (Smiles)

J: Wow! That's great to know that she has control of the switch. Can we add a dimmer switch, like a light switch has?

SC: Yeah... because it was either "On" or "Off!"

J: And "On" was just way too much.

SC: We can change it with one of those dimmer dials.

J: Let's program it so that next time round she can choose the level of the experience.

SC: On a scale of 1 to 10.

J: If she starts at 6, for example, and doesn't feel protected enough she can adjust the dial to 7, or to wherever she needs it to be.

SC: She wants to start at 10! (Laughs)

J: That's okay, she now has the choice. When she's around people she trusts she can dial it down because she knows they have her best interests at heart. In those instances can she start from the bottom end of the scale? How about that?

SC: Yes, a dial is good, let's stick a dial in that thing.

J: Done.

SC: Getting back to that analogy of the dark room where you can't find a way out. That's where she goes. The bath was really good because it brought her back to herself.

J: When she goes to the dark room how would she feel if she was able to find a little bit of light there? Let's just say she had a lighter in her pocket and she was able to pull it out and light it just to see, to help her find her way out. Is that what she wants to do or is she in the dark room for a reason?

SC: She's not in a dark room for a reason it's just a reaction. That's where she goes. It's dark because she can't see or feel her way out of the situation.

J: Which leads to paralysis. What if she pulled out the lighter?

SC: How's she going to do that when she's paralyzed? She's very tricky you see. There's a feeling of being completely alone, like nobody's there, and in essence she is on her own with that one.

J: Yes, we're all individual physical beings who are on our own.

SC: She feels like no one really understands what it's like. That's why everyone is so flippant about that kind of stuff.

J: Yes, because not everyone has had that experience and doesn't have that understanding.

SC: But there are people she meets who haven't been through it but are still very outspoken.

J: Okay. Let's look at finding a solution. Ideally, when she finds herself in that place, what would she like? Would she like to find a light switch in that room? How do we remove the paralysis and take her to a place of love and light?

SC: This is a hard one.

J: That's okay, we can leave it for a bit and continue chatting. A solution may present itself while we're going through the other things. Next up, during these flashbacks and depression, she says she's recently had thoughts of wanting to die, of ending her life. We have just added a dial to the switch so we'll monitor the success of that. Is there anything else you'd like to say about the thoughts that arise while in the dark room?

SC: For her, with the paralysis comes great pain as well... and you just want the pain to go away don't you?

J: Now I can see where those thoughts are coming from.

SC: She just wants the pain to stop.

J: So not only is it a dark place, it's a painful place.

SC: Yes, extreme pain and fear.

J: At the time then, death seems like a solution. We need to work on this room, this place that she goes to. Let's just say she uses the dial and has still decided to go to this room. She finds herself in this room again and it's already too late not to go there. She's going to be confronted by all of these things again. How can we tone down what she actually finds in that room? How can we make it less paralyzing, less painful, less fearful? If she really must go to that room can we make the room more pleasant?

SC: Yes!

J: Okay.

SC: She can go to that room... the dome room. The healing dome!

J: Let's do it, let's reprogram that right now!

SC: Yes! We can go to the dome room!

J: We want healing, not pain. So she's sent herself to the wrong room but we're changing that right now. (Client laughs) We're reframing it right now. Talk me through it please, I would like to know.

SC: What has been done is this. When she finds herself in the dark room, immediately she sees the round opening of light in the ceiling that reveals she's in the healing dome.

J: Excellent.

SC: (Laughs) That's hilarious... That was easy!

J: Right! Good! (Laughs)

SC: So we can go to the domed room with all the lovely beings.

J: Who want to help her heal and be with her anytime she needs them.

SC: What I would also like to do for her with the dial is to ask her to choose a number below 10 where she feels she can still be consciously with herself but take necessary action for what she needs, like leave the room, get up and walk because she'll want to go to the dome. But we haven't got a number yet.

J: Okay, let's do that.

SC: Six is a safe number. I think six is good because it's gone beyond the point of doubt that this is upsetting her or making her feel unsafe but it's not gone to the point where she perceives herself unsafe. That's what happens, it goes hand in hand. Six is the number. We're not going to allow it to go beyond six without doing something, even if it just means leaving the room. She needs to take herself to a safe place.

J: That's a great solution.

SC: She's liking the dial and she's already playing with it. (Smiles)

J: Remember, she's not dialing it past six. You keep an eye on her. (Laughs)

SC: (Laughs) I do.

J: Well that was excellent. What else do we need to do?

SC: At this point all we need to remember is the dial, the domed room and the beautiful beings that are there. Isn't it amazing that there's actually a facility there in the universe that everyone can access.

J: This is why I enjoy working on this level so much. Look at the answers we're finding and the beings we're meeting.

SC: The fifth dimensional hospital. Talking about the different beings and how humans have to be prepped before being in their presence...

J: Because they can see your thoughts and intentions...

SC: Yes, because to the average human, the appearance of some beings is so different, particularly the ant like people and this lady. They look so weird but so amazing. They're not our definition of attractive, but you're looking at each other through the fifth dimension so it's different. You're seeing a depth, you're seeing the colours radiating out from the soul and it's beautiful. Through 3rd dimensional eyes it could be off putting, but when you're actually in the 5th dimension with them they're spectacular and they feel the same way about us. There's none of this "We're more enlightened" ego based mentality. It's not like that here in this facility that I'm in. What a lovely place to go.

This experience is a nice reminder for her, that she actually wants to be here. She can't leave yet because there's so much more work to do. Be reassured that even though it feels like a bit of a lull right now where you're stuck doing the work thing, there's so much more to come. Just hang in there... I know... she just wants to run away, but that's a desire coming from a place of fear. Good decisions aren't made based on fear.

J: No, it's not good to be making decisions in an emotional state, especially not in fear. There's a bright future ahead, it's just that at the moment it's more pressing that some of these problems are resolved. The fun stuff is still to come.

SC: She just needs to turn her dial down at work too, and the situation will improve. She's a likeable person but the dial is turned up around a couple of people because of their pettiness and stupidity, basically a lack of consciousness.

J: Okay. Let's dial that down to a level that's easily going to deal with that.  

SC: Four.

J: Good. She needn't concern herself about anything more than a four.

SC: No, but it just leads into that whole unsafe thing that's going on in there. She is safe, she's dealing with it, she's doing really well with that so we can turn it down to a four.

J: I'm glad we've looked at the work issue and adjusted that because it is a place that we spend a lot of time. We need solutions on all levels where there are problems. So, is there anything else you'd like to share?

SC: I think that's everything.

J: Well it's been very nice chatting, I feel we've accomplished a great deal.

SC: Yes, I'm really happy with that!

J: Great! 



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