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It’s part of the programming. What they want is for people to shut down others instead of coming into a dialogue and having a mature conversation about why that is offensive. The immature way of dealing with any sense of conflict in a reactionary and highly emotive way is what so many are doing right now. Everyone is trapped in this reactive and emotive energy of dealing with important issues.

But it’s not actually dealing with the real issues at all! If you come from a mature aspect of being, you are able to respond with what your truth is and come into an open conversation about differentiating opinions, that allows people to come together, come to an understanding and unite.

You don’t have to agree, but it shows respect, rather than just blatantly going into a knee jerk reactionary mode, and screaming to shut that down!

That is the energy that we’re working in right now, that wants us in conflict, that wants us in separation, that wants us hating each other and seeing each other as enemies so that we’re not focusing on the real enemy, which are the ones who created this divide in the first place!

We haven’t had to grow up. Our right of passage has been taken away from us, our connection to our strong grounded roots in family has been tampered with, our sense of exploring other avenues of thinking, of being, have been gradually taken away from us.

We have been told that this is the right way, and anyone that wants to live outside of that, they are labelled weirdos or conspiracy theorists or yelled at that they are wrong. We are conditioned that we must look at difference suspiciously because they’re attacking and undermining the fabric of decent society, though this type of society is only a modern concept!

Not that long ago, we were tribal, we were part of a village; a community. It’s only very recently in human history, that we have been living in this current domestic ‘dream’, that has been imposed on us with the promise of comfort and safety. This is not the reality! We have had community taken away from us slowly, by design. And now all we see is an enemy.

We are afraid of each other, we’re suspicious of each other, we don’t trust each other (though not through lack of experience!) but most of us are living in our homes, living our lives as peacefully as possible. Our general conflicts with each other are exaggerated by what we think society is all about.

We tend to think our society is full of violence and corruption but that’s what is being imposed upon us by the top level; that’s what they are all about! It’s their reality trickling down into our reality and now we have to step forward and say NO to that!

July 2020



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