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Tribal Priestess Past Life Regression

Now I am seeing myself and my feet are in the water, I’m standing at the edge of a beautiful lake and I am a woman again. I have the full moon before me and I am giving ritual and am worshiping her (the moon).

I have a role of importance again. I’m wearing a cloak and I am a Priestess. It is night-time and we are performing a really important ritual. We are going into the harvest season.

And gratitude… I’m showing my tribe about the importance of gratitude because when we give thanks, when I step up to my people, one by one I show them and I give thanks.

I appreciate each individual for who they are and I give thanks for one thing that they have given, or that I appreciate or that I see in them. This is all a very important part of the ritual process and it is essential that I step up and I give thanks to every single one of them.

And through that ceremony, they get to experience the gratitude and we all send it down to Mother Earth. We are so grateful for the harvest. It does not matter how big or small it is because we can always hunt; but it’s important that we give thanks and send that energy down because it allows that energy to flow.

We are all very aware of the flow of giving and receiving and are in tune with it. This is an important practice to continue and I am responsible for that. I want to teach that to the others. I teach them through connection and facilitating that experience.

Once again, here I am in the heart space teaching others how to be there. We all feel really nice and yet there is the underlying awareness of the importance of this practice for the community. If we don’t continue to practice this, then the bickering, arguing and infighting comes in.

It is vital we stay closely connected and it keeps us protected. That ritual keeps us safe. It has kept us safe on at least three occasions. When other tribes were warring with us, we survived and stayed safe because of it.

The wonderful thing about it too is that it creates, in my heart space, more and more gratitude. There has been so much celebration and so much ritual! We are solid in our protection.




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