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A Quest of Transcendence

Welcome to another world! Over a fifteen month period, the contents of this book have been revealed to us, the authors, Jolene and Jason Tierney. Before we begin, we feel it would be important to outline the methods involved in accessing this material.

Jolene's gift of being able to see and channel spirit has been instrumental in gaining such a vividly accurate picture for us to relay. Her talents have combined beautifully with Jason's experience as a Past Life Regression therapist to bring through events from another land, another world, another dimension.

Anyone familiar with meditation may already understand how it is possible to enter other levels of consciousness. A typical session would begin with Jolene reclining comfortably on the lounge, being led by Jason through a light relaxation exercise. This naturally flowed into Dolores Cannon's past life regression script "Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique" and the journey had begun. After a few regressions and becoming familiar with the routine, Jolene was tapping into this realm before the relaxation exercise was even complete! Each subsequent regression continued on from where we left off previously and became a chapter of its own.

The consciousness telling the story had the capacity to share it in a way that allowed Jolene to experience it in first person, as if she were actually there living it herself. The question and answer style of a past life regression has been retained and emotions have been expressed in brackets. We have thoroughly enjoyed the journey and the insights presented into life itself, and hope you do too!                         
                                                                                                                                                                   Jason, Jolene



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