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Granada QHHT Session

We have come to that part again where we can ask questions. This time we have been asked to direct them to Granada.
He is already here.

Can we begin?
Yes, we can.

Okay. The first question on the list is asking about what the original way looks like regarding the 12 strand DNA of love and relating?
Eons ago, human’s were operating on the 12 strand DNA. They had a sound awareness and vibrational connection to the Earth. That is why the sacred sights are built in specific spaces. Why were they placed there? Why did so many go on pilgrimages to these sacred spaces? They weren’t just astronomically selected. With the rotation of the Earth, as it aligned into an astronomically significant area, it has the effect of striking a chord, a particular sound; the same as playing an instrument, if you hit it in a particular spot, it strikes a certain sound. They had the ability to tap into that through awareness. They also had an ability to tap into the core of the Earth too, into the crystalline sphere. Some had access to it through the deepest oceans. DNA has been interfered with over the course of millennia and disconnected, still to this day (referred to as junk DNA). It still exists there, but it’s as if the wires have been cut.

Are we able to rejoin them if they are still there?
Yes, they have the ability to be re-soldered, per se. The re-soldering happens not simply through consciousness alone, but also the way that we allow ourselves to relate and the intimacy we allow ourselves to experience. Human beings are not meant to have sole journeys. Of course you are responsible for yourself and there is an aspect of being “whole” but you are not required to become whole on your own. The most harmful thing that happens in this world is that people are left in solitude in their trauma and their pain, and told they have to heal themselves.

For us as Pleiadians looking down on this, it is our greatest sorrow to see you all struggling and so alone, because that is not your purpose here. Your purpose is to come into healing, to come into expansion through love, support, nurturing, compassion, companionship and connection through the physical body along with all its other aspects of being.

You are all socializing and feeling you are connected through your language and technologies, but you are so alone and separated.  Your body feels the pain and suffering of the disconnection. You feel that there is something deeply missing.
Not all are consciously aware yet, but progress is definitely being made. This brings us joy! If you could see the way that we see you, as physical beings; this place is truly amazing!

Will we see that one day maybe?

Can we share that with people when we see that?
That is the purpose. Sharing is important, it’s vital! There is too much suffering and too much loss already. The tides need to turn and they are.  Sharing conscious relating exercises will help other couples have better relationships. Eye gazing, for example, is an easy one but no less important to incorporate. This can lead into the appreciation exercise nicely. An appreciation exercise is about letting each other know what you appreciate about them. It helps on practical terms, allowing things to flow in naturally and energetically.

So incorporate these practical techniques as part of your routine to enable you to go deeper. If you don’t implement this, things can start falling apart quickly. This will provide protection and support in a practical way.

Does she know how we can implement all of this?
Yes, she does. Practicality is vital in facilitating more energetic information coming through. It will increase the trust and bonding, which is necessary for the relating to go deeper in a more expansive way.

With practice we’ll become comfortable with the process. We have some answers to work with now.
The old needs to be released and these exercises will help. The deeper the connection, the more the old will fall away. It will be this beautiful cycle of becoming stronger and stronger so that you become more in alignment with love. We want you to relax and enjoy this experience.

We ask you to trust and not to worry, even though it may be hard at times. You can never call on us enough, no matter how insignificant the concern or the need may seem, we are here to facilitate, protect and guide on every level. Now, allow yourself to receive!




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