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A few days before this powerful lunar eclipse, I woke up with lethargy and a feeling of heaviness as if I was coming down with something.
Being an empath, I often tap into the collective consciousness, so I went within to see what my body was trying to communicate.
What I discovered was deep grief!
As I was expressing what was there, it automatically came out as a poem. I share this for anyone else who resonates with the sheer grief that comes with the realization of what this spiritual, biological and psychological warfare has done to us all.
May our Creator send much love, strength and healing to this Realm and all life herein.
And so it is, Amen <3

Grief Of A Theft So Great!
By Jolene Tierney

Tricked into scarcity
Tricked into hating each other
Tricked into hating ourselves.
Constant acts of violence against every moral aspect
Betrayal of Heart and Conscience
Daydreaming of what could have been, what should have been; “if only I knew then what I know now”…
Regrets of every kind imaginable, when the imagination craved otherwise
How did it happen?
When did it start?
How can we ever stop it from happening again?
I weep for the children.
I weep for my loved ones.
I weep for Humanity, the Earth and all the Sentient Beings living herein.
A feeling of shame in the ways I had taken part, in the demise…
Sorrow for missed opportunities; running on repeat the ways in which I “could” have acted, rehearsing words I “should” have said, constantly looking back to where it all went wrong.
A part of me not wanting to let go; never to forget, in case it ever happens again
Fear of lost potential, of having missed out - fear I’m no good
I’ve been angry for so long
Confused by “that’s the way things are”
When chaos, dis-ease and dis-harmony are allowed to run rife
My true heart expression of care, compassion, empathy, and charity - inverted through a sinister plot against us all!
I send my grief out into the Cosmos, like the exploding birth of a Star
And set my Heart free
To recognize that grief comes from having loved anyway, in spite of it all
Free to recognize my Divine Heart Consciousness was always there
And God had never left me <3




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