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Part 2 – The Discussion

Just like other things can be corrupted, quantum technology can also be used for the dark forces. The Demiurge is capable of corrupting just about everything except God.

Were they using quantum?

J: Yes. They find a way to invert things on themselves. Through that one principle aspect of inversion, the corruption and contamination can infiltrate. That’s how they do it.

We’re also aware of them using those methods and are working on turning that around.

J: It will be done, there’s no question in my mind. That’s why we’re here. Even though we may feel insignificant in this world, all by ourselves, like a little insignificant spec, we most definitely are not. Let’s use the ant analogy again. Look at ants, the amount of earth that they move. They move mountains, just look at what they build, they never stop. That’s the core essence of humanity, we know how to work together.

We can also connect with our ancestors if we remember our heritage. That’s why they’ve attacked our history. They don’t want us remembering that we’ve all done this before, many times. Look at the power we’ve had when we’ve come together and fought together. We’re coming up to an opportunity where the world will be wiped clean and we’ll be able to move forward and create a world of our own. I have no idea what that will look like but it will be ours. A space where humanity can flourish in unlimited potential. Trust in focusing on that place and bringing it forward to you. It is coming so do you want to be part of that? I definitely want to be part of that.

We have a collective resonance that we can all tune into. It’s like the hundredth monkey. Even though fear, doubt, pessimism and all those other human emotions may be experienced coming back to that true focus, if you remember for just one second a day it will have a reverberating effect in the collective consciousness. It will build and we’ll network and we will triumph. Just feel it in your body, feel the truth. We’ve done this before and we will win. Energetically it’s already done. In other dimensions it’s already done. Let’s make it so through meditation, in a collective prayer for humanity.

How will quantum impact our daily lives?

J: Where do I begin. The internet as you know it today has been an outside influence dictating to you, the information to be shared. It is to contaminate mind body and soul, to bring immense dis-ease in all of your functions, particularly your sexuality. That’s such a big one because it’s the frequency you’re created in. If you create children in that frequency, well, you know where that leads, it blocks a lot of the dimensional gateways.

Once we’ve passed through these difficult times we will gradually begin to understand the true potential we have in creating the lives we wish to live. It’s like being given an easel with a big canvas and a craft box then left with your imagination. I see a growing clarity in the mind, morphing in all forms and capacities and it won’t have a limit as to how expansive it can be.

It will reveal a beauty of humanity which has not fully been seen before. Your eyes will be wide open in awe and you’ll understand that you are God’s creation. You’ll know it because you’re constantly witnessing it in yourself and your brothers and sisters. This will help actualize your inner knowing of your own creative force. It really is a question of what do you want to see in this world, what do you want to be in this world, what do you want to contribute to the world?

Quantum technology will give you so many avenues. It’ll be a whole attitude change, a complete change in the way that you see yourselves. The lies and belief systems that you had before will drop away and disappear because the truth will be everywhere as to the authentic nature of your being. Sure there are going to be people who aren’t quite there yet and will still want to try and live the old way, but the undeniable truth will be so loud and in your face that even they will not be able to deny it any longer. Eventually they will drop it because they won’t want to miss out anymore. They’ll be so sick and tired of missing out.

So if you can project that way of being into the now that would be amazing, let’s live it! How do you want to paint your life? How do you want the light to shine down here in this realm? It’s unlimited, there’s abundance everywhere and it’s in the quantum technology as well. It’s there for the taking, there for experiencing so please use it wisely with an authentic heart consciousness and intellect that is true to our humanity. Put your heart into it, put your soul into it and it’ll be amazing. Be who you truly came here to be, people are going to love it!




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