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Coming Into Your Super Powers (Message From Another Realm)


Jason: So you feel a presence nearby.


Jolene: Yes. It would like to communicate. It's shining a white light upon me and I can see a human like silhouette. It wants to imbue a consciousness onto me. I'm just learning to surrender more to the process and trust. It's

actually so subtle that I need to match it, to meet in the middle.


J: Yes, just like you did with Malémene. Interesting.


It's so subtle, so tender and yet so strong. I've never seen tenderness display such strength. It wants me to embrace that.


J: That's a nice way of seeing it.


Because the people that will be coming to me will require more tenderness. It's obvious that there's a need for it as well.


J: Yes, definitely.


Tenderness stems from Heart Consciousness and the Generative Principle of Care, a truly Divine feminine aspect. I must come more into my femininity, my feminine power, through this powerful characteristic.


J: Is there any guidance as to how to develop that?


Stillness, I have to learn to be still because I run around so much. I can see that my behaviour can be chaotic at times so I have to come into stillness. Stillness is not nothingness - it’s not nothing, it’s not unproductive, it is an energy that allows for things to come towards me, rather than me rushing towards things.


J: Nice.


It’s a very static and chaotic energy that has been created here - that’s been caused here - caused is the right word. I must remember that I had this ability before and it was taken away from me. I’ve been seeking it for lifetimes and it’s about to return, to be returned back  to me. It’s beyond peace.


J: How it was taken away?


It was stolen from me through violence. I think everyone in this realm has experienced that in some form or lifetime.


J: Well I'm glad that it’s being returned back to you at this point.


This spiritual warfare has been going on for a long time. We could look into  it because we can remember that in our Souls but it just means more clearing and more trauma and wounding. Jolene is fatigued from the healing of the trauma but the doorway is there and the window. I can see through the window that the clear skies are approaching.


J: It’s a big achievement having come this far, to have this return now…


It’s time to celebrate the victory of returning back to that point and to continue on from where I was up to before it was stolen from me. I can let go of fighting now and be a warrior in a new way, in a more profound way. Working in harmony and empowered by the aether, to be at one with the ether once again, conducting the plasmic forces through my will, through God’s will.


I’ve got to show tenderness towards myself, tenderness, care and strength, that’s where it begins. To stand at the peak of my abilities, to be the antenna, the conductor of my own destiny once again.


J: Jolene had a dream last night about coming into her power, have you got any insights for her?


There are messages that we give in addition to the dream, of waking up Jolene in her subconscious to her power. We send her that solid 3D image* that she can hold in her mind so true, strong and sure and to not doubt it.

Don't be afraid of it because this is her calling, this is her soul calling out and we imbue that into her now.


It’s what you would recognize as an energy healing. It’s going to be hard for Jolene to remember when she gets into those static or chaotic moments where she feels she has to rush things, but that is not the way.  That’s not the way of the Masters. Masters never rush around, they’re not in the energy of chaos trying to rush to their destiny. They understand that they are already where they need to be. That is the way of the Masters. Her soul calls her into mastery.


The moment has arrived. It’ll help those around her that have forgotten where they were and who they were before the cataclysmic moments came, because you are all destined to remember who you were in your superpowers. We understand that you need to see it to believe it.


J: What was the superpower in the dream that Jolene saw.


It was quite obvious in the photo that we generated for her, that she will  be able to conduct the plasmic forces, the electric forces. What she does with that will be her creating, but she'll remember when she gets stronger and less afraid.


J: And you’ll be there guiding her aswell, with these powers.


Most definitely. I’ve been here guiding her for some time. She’s already experienced some of this power by drawing towards her things and characteristics that she’s needed. She trusted that they would come towards her and they have. Like with everything, it requires time and practice.


But now we tell her directly. She had a feeling and imagined that she could possibly be working in this way. More and more she’ll attract the knowledge, skills and development that will bring this to a full manifestation and remembrance of her purpose.


She's laughing and giggling when she sees herself doing it. It will really build her power as a frequency in this realm to expand and change. The more in alignment with the earth and God’s frequency the stronger and more accelerated her abilities will become, as with everyone else’s. You are all gifted and have come here with your unique special abilities that are required in the aetheric web of this world, taking up your rightful place at the right time. Think of it as God

conducting a symphony of souls and you will all have your moment in the great symphony of life.


So there’s nothing to fear, or be jealous of, or doubt. This will only hinder the person who is vibrating these

characteristics, these emotions. They're intended to keep you back from your soul vibration, from your soul purpose, from the truth of who you really are. As we all know, the truth is always the truth no matter how many people want to acknowledge it, listen to it or adhere to it. We encourage a love of truth as it truly is, the beacon of  light that is leading the way forward on your path to your purpose and your destiny.


The stillness will help you see that beacon of light within you. It is no accident that they fill this realm, the atmosphere, with static and distraction, noise, confusion and chaos because it’s the stillness where you find the answers, the light within and God within. Culture deems stillness as lazy and unproductive and a wasting of time and energy, yet stillness is

harnessing the energy, harnessing your time in this space.


Allowing you to recognize that you are where you need to be, truly guided and able to hear, feel and see the subtle messages that are being communicated to you. Sound, frequency and vibration magnetize towards you exactly what you need. You must have experienced being in that frantic energy of scrambling to find that which you want, that which you

 think you want. But what you truly needed, on a soul level, is what you received. It’s a far greater gift than you could’ve ever perceived or imagined. I think everyone has experienced that. So remember that, and trust it with all of your heart and soul.


You can find that stillness and it’ll bring more and more towards you what you truly deserve. And even though the stillness may feel as if it’s disrupted by the hard work of practice, with time it will become natural again and you’ll find yourself in that stillness without even thinking about it. Trust this and know it to be true. Then, instead of being hard

 on yourself remember the tenderness of love, the care and the nurturing that the ether imbues in you. That sentient force is just waiting to gift you everything you focus on, desire and work towards.


J: Very nice.


Know that we never leave you, that we are a constant presence surrounding you and merged with you, as we end this message right now in this time and space. And so it is, Amen


J: Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with Jolene today, I know she really appreciates it. We’ll leave it there and maybe see you again another time.



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