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Ancient Egypt Past Life Regression Session 2

Talking with the Subconscious.

At the end of a past life regression we have the opportunity of calling upon the subconscious. This conversation follows a visit to Ancient Egypt, documented in
session one.

Jason: These lives, they had a common theme, didn’t they?
Jolene: Yes

What was it from these lives that could relate to her life now to help her move forward?
She already knows about the power of the heart space but she has been afraid that it leaves her too vulnerable and so she needed to see how that gives her immense strength and how it actually can be a valid tool to help keep her protected.

Did she need to be reminded of this?
Yes. Like with anything, the more you practice being in that space and using that muscle, the stronger it gets. There will be opportunities to practice coming along naturally. Her energy is already shifting* so that when these opportunities come through, she is ready. There’s nothing for her to worry about.
*At this moment of the session it was very apparent that the required energetic shifts in the cellular memory were occurring.
Okay. I have a list of questions that she has prepared… She would like to know how many lifetimes that she has served in Ancient Egypt? Is that important for her to know?
She only needs to know of the one that she has been shown. The other ones were similar but this is the one that is the true expression of what she needs to bring forth now.

That’s what she was wondering. Moving on… What tools, material and/ or esoteric, did she acquire and utilize during that life?
It doesn’t necessarily matter what was written on the walls (heiroglyphs), any of the knowledge that brings her joy to use; she can use that. It’s about remembering the essence of it, being in the heart space with it, feeling it solidly and radiating it out. Be it. Be it in your authority and that is all that needs to be done. Everything else will unfold and there will be so much joy, in the same way that there was so much joy when she used to teach the children.

Nice. Were there any other teachers or energetic beings that she worked with who should be mentioned?
Hathor definitely came through… (Pause) It was common knowledge that we worked with higher beings and there is one that will come through. He is waiting, emerging from the sky and she will be working with him very closely. More intimately than she has ever experienced with any of her other guides before. (See the Pleiadian Being Channeling Sessions with Granada
Part 1 and Part 2)

That is something to look forward to!

She would like to know how she’s meant to integrate this into her Higher Self? It’s already happening naturally, isn’t it?
Yes, absolutely. Allow the process to happen and take this opportunity now of quiet and rest. It’s all in perfect timing. Everything is in this beautiful synchronicity. It’s happening already so allow it to sink in and it will be done.

That’s good because she was wondering whether she needed to do anything to help with fully integrating all that…
She’s going through the process of reorganizing in order to be more efficient. (which is almost complete) Nothing she has done has been a waste or discarded, it’s just been put off to the side for now. Leave it there to clear the mind and come back later to look at it all anew. Then she can gather it up again in a way that serves her fully. It will be perfect. That is all. There is a lot to rejoice.

With that, is there anything else that you would like to share with her before we go?
Yes, just one more thing… I love you.

She will appreciate that! Enjoy that moment as we slowly come back up…




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